Tale Weaver #7 Making Sense of Nonsense “Drontify”

The word ‘drontify’ is clearly a fabrication…no such word exists…” Webster said folding his voluminous arms over his pliable chest.

Look…I’ll prove it to you…” I said wheeling in a leather-bound copy of “Dictionary of the Planes” a book so monstrous and unwieldy a special device was required simply to turn the pages.

It’s right here ‘Drontify.’” I began pointing imperiously to a nodule of cramped Gothic script. “In Bator it is the process of liquefying the marrow while leaving the bone casing intact.” Clearing my throat I was prepared to continue despite Webster’s unsightly loss of pigment.

In Mechanus it is the process of making a drone out of recycled materials. In the Salacious Fields it refers to the act of pouring honey over the exposed breasts of a beautiful woman. In Acheron it refers to the act of prevaricating in a bored tone in order to avoid detection. In Pandemonium it is the crawling sensation of the flesh when coming into contact with an artifact of nefarious persuasion. In Mount Celestia it is the unintentional and spontaneous singing of the same song by multiple entities…sometimes it is also used to denote the cacophony of too many voices speaking at once…” I stopped catching my breath but Webster did not look half as impressed as I had fancied.

You made all that up….” He said pointing to the entry emphatically. “It says right here that it is the humming sound made by the human brain when exposed to a particularly…c-challenging Wordle?” He stated reluctance swallowing his momentum such that the final word was scarcely audible. Removing his glasses he massaged his nasal ridge vigorously.

What IS a Wordle?” He queried irritated that there were still so many words that he did not possess.

Firing up my trusty electro-psionic book jack I turned to ‘W’ and slapped my hand down triumphantly on the page. Somewhere in a distant corner of the room a male dronfly mounts the sleek carapace of his female companion and begins to vibrate in the soulful symphonic ballet that is drontification. “A Wordle is….”


Whenever I am writing in OpenOffice I find that I have to constantly add words to the dictionary and whenever I am making the Wordles well you can imagine haha Just a bit of silliness from me today.