Inconsistent Monsters

Hell ignites first in the genius,

A fire feed on untouchables.

Dreamscapes dismantle themselves

Dropping like ravenous gulls

Into the palms of pilfered strangers,

Capricious and untraceable.

The snuffling balloons of meat,

That conduct our most

Primitive exercises,

Plump with steam and cinder.

Their casings cooked to rubber

Form uncompromising bulwarks.

Lungs that do not inflate

However, clear the external sky.

Intolerant kidneys,

And a bladder always heavy

That pitches widely like an alarm.

Death begins on the inside,

A grievance emptying

Its toxins into a frog-mouthed tumor.

Darkness bleaches the skin white

Fear of inconsistent monsters

Of self and the losses incurred

Gradually, whatever the age.

We suffocate slowly,

A molecule at a time

With only the heart to filter

The sediment thick and yellow

Like pus or snot

Fusing the plumbing

And the terrible backwash

When all that pain

Works its way out again.


I haven’t much time and I haven’t been sleeping 2 nights worth of terrible nightmares. This is about the way a single thought can spiral out of control and how Depression can wreak havoc on us physically. I am so exhausted and emotionally drained that I do not know if it makes sense outside of my own mind.