If only our words
could touch.
If only our words
were uncensored.
Without a body
to hold
I would love
to have
a conversation
with you
close as skin,
deep as the hunger
filling up my chest.

If only I could know
what you know
when your eyes
are eating
my texts
Words without breath.
Words smile-quiet.
Words thumbed
into space
like pennies
in a well.

I am
a little bit too
to deliver
my content.
How many
does it take
to get
to the center
of the human heart?
Maybe you don’t
like me anyhow.

If only you could
feel my heart turning
over and over
in palpable distress.
Would you be surprised
to find that you are
all I think about?

All you
have to do
is ask
I’ll tell you
just don’t
make me
say it first.


10 thoughts on “Texting

  1. Beautiful poet. You speak for yourself and for me and for so many more. ‘Don’t make me say something first’.
    Sending you love ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Yes, the very hardest but also one day you may say, fuck it, and let the truth fly. ❤️

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