Liebster Award


Okay not sure I did this correctly we can hope!

A huge thanks to Anja who nominated me! Her blog is amazing so visit it!

The Liebster Award is very unique in the fact it brings recognition to the smaller blogs of the ‘verse. With that in mind, all of the nominated blogs will have less than 200 followers.

The rules:

  1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.
  3. Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.
  4. Display the Liebster Award logo.
  5. No tag back thingys.

Eleven Facts About Me

  1. I stayed at University for 10 years and left with only a bachelors in Nutrition because I started several other majors first (Special Education, Recreational Therapy etc.) in the same time my husband got two Bachelors, a Masters, and no joke had even been given a key to the computer science building! After graduating he became a professor there. He is a genius I am so jealous lol
  2. I got married when I was 19, 6 months after meeting my husband in a wedding my mom planned in less than 1 week (she was just as excited!)
  3. Like my mom I have dreams about people dying that come true. In dreams I help spirits cross over and have seen the after life.
  4. I have an abnormally good sense of smell. When I went to visit the Washington Monument as a child I detected smoke, they look into it and there was an electric fire that had started in the walls we were all evacuated. I can smell a jar of unopened molasses rooms away. I can also identify by scent various infections, my eye sight and hearing aren’t that good I think I got jipped on the senses lol
  5. According to an acupuncturist I am something of a succubus, I can absorb chi from other people in large volumes
  6. When I was a kid my dad had this creepy alarm clock radio that even when unplugged and without batteries it continued to play. Around my dad there is always paranormal malevolent activity and I suspect its because he is evil.
  7. The first dream I remember was going to the beach with my parents and the drive was incredibly long, it was raining, and we were driving across this massive bridge over the ocean and the water was black. The dream was almost black and white. When we arrived I decided to go swimming but I was a little scared so I took my doll with me (the one I slept with). A shark came and the doll sacrificed itself for me and when I woke my real doll was gone. As an adult in another country in my in-laws country house for the first time in 26 years I saw the same doll which was rather an usual doll to begin with.
  8. I went to Duke University to participate in a study on ADD (before I knew I had Epilepsy) and they told me I had the worst case of ADD they had ever seen! My ADD was so severe I was told by Vocational Rehab not to bother with college or a job, just to go on disability, basically they said I would never really be a functional member of society. I actually did well in college all 10 years of it lol
  9. I have never broken a bone, despite falling down countless flights of stairs, off roofs, being dragged by an ATV downhill along gravel with my arms trapped in the grating, not even during a post seizure stupor where I jumped out of moving car.
  10. I have small kidneys which I guess makes it harder for my body to detox. I started taking fish oils hoping to improve my brain function and they caused me to release such an enormous amount of endorphins that I actually maintained an intense high for a solid week. Also because of my succubus qualities I can literally absorb other people’s endorphin rushes just by being near them.
  11. My husband is the first and only person I have ever kissed

Eleven Questions I have been asked

  1. If you could be a any flavor ice cream, what color would you be? ;)Well I am a red head which makes you think strawberry but I am not that sweet, maybe mint chocolate chip because I am rather an acquired taste and while I am innocent/naive (mint is clean-tasting) there is also this indulgent darkness spread throughout
  2. What authors, photographers or artists inspire you?Arthur Rimbaud, Jim Carroll, Charles Baudelaire, Sylvia Plath just to name a few! Photographers I don’t have names but I love those books where they take candid nudes of real people and share bits of their lives, I love black and white photography, and my husband takes the most amazing nature photos. Artists Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Francisco De Goya, etc.
  3. Do you have any regrets in life?I have many regrets, my greatest regrets involve burning bridges, pushing people away but I also regret that I didn’t plan better for the future and how often I have let fear swallow my footsteps
  4. Why do you blog?Its hard to find people with shared interests and online I can talk to other writers and people can voluntarily chose to read my poetry, I don’t want to feel like I am forcing my poems on anyone but I do like to share.
  5. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Combo?I am unmistakeably, unquestionable an introvert. I am like a wet cat in social situations.
  6. Who is your hero?Perhaps Isadora Duncan while I wouldn’t model my life after hers and while I don’t profess an identical set of beliefs I admire were vivaciousness, her independent and rebellious spirit. I would love to write as well as Jim Carroll !
  7. What animal are you most like?My husband insists I am a squirrel something about the way I covet my food lol
  8. What do you think the color red tastes like?Sweet/Spicy
  9. If you could pick your own theme song…what would it be?“Unholy, Dirty, and Beautiful” by David Usher
  10. What hobbies do you have NOT blog related?When I don’t have words I like to do aura paintings, just color impressions. I also exercise A LOT 2 hours most days and that includes all sorts of activities (yoga, weights, dance, martial arts, running, aerobics, Pilates). I have also been known to role play (write stories with other writers, assuming various characters in my case usually originals).
  11. What is your favorite number?9

Eleven Questions for My Nominees

  1. When did you start writing? Was there any specific person, event, or inspiration?
  2. Aside from writing do you have other talents?
  3. What was one of the scariest things you have ever done?
  4. What do you think happens when we die? Had any near death experiences?
  5. Describe yourself in one sentence
  6. If you had a pen name what would it be?
  7. What draws you to other writers? (what sort of poems do you like)
  8. What is the last dream you remember?
  9. What is your favorite scent?
  10. Are you an optimist/pessimist/realist?
  11. What is your favorite game? (board game, video game, sport whatever)

My Eleven Nominees

31 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Thank you for the nomination. I appreciate your recognition and curiosity and I’ll address this as soon as possible.

    Your facts and answers have fed my curiosity and left me satiated. I hope mine won’t cause you too much indigestion.

  2. What a surprise! Thank you again MLM for nominating The Unknowngnome Poems! You are one of the Dearest.

    In the spirit of the award but not the letter of the rules I’ll post 11 facts about myself and answer your 11 questions here.

    Eleven Facts About Me
    I am not an extrovert.
    I prefer writing to speaking.
    Kiss is a maxim.

    Ah, this is too tough for my tired old brain. Here you can read all about the old gnome:

    Let me try your questions.

    Eleven Questions for My Nominees
    When did you start writing? Was there any specific person, event, or inspiration?
    Answered in the above interview.
    Aside from writing do you have other talents?
    Yes but too graphic to list.
    What was one of the scariest things you have ever done?
    hmm…..I’ll have to spend some time thinking about that. Nothing comes to mind just now.
    What do you think happens when we die? Had any near death experiences?
    The silver cord is severed. Each day is nearer to death. I have experienced a surrendering.
    Describe yourself in one sentence
    I am but a breath.
    If you had a pen name what would it be?
    I’ve been thinking of this ever since I started writing and I still don’t have one.
    What draws you to other writers? (what sort of poems do you like)
    A bit of mystery and mastery of word usage. Poems of brevity and breath.
    What is the last dream you remember?
    An inconsequential dealing with an old work peer. Nothing important.
    What is your favorite scent?
    Probably the smell of approaching rain. Maybe the scent of a woman.
    Are you an optimist/pessimist/realist?
    What is your favorite game? (board game, video game, sport whatever)

    • I just finished reading your interview. I am sure you know this already but your home is beautiful and your wife is absolutely gorgeous! I really loved the unknown gnome poem in the beginning and I very much relate to what you said about being a conduit I feel the same exactly the same. I very much enjoyed your interview =)

  3. I was super interested in the absorbing mass amounts of energy, as i have been personally studying energy work and helping friends and family through performing energy work, and have not come across this. So the “always wanting further my knowledge and experience” in that arena had me immediately thinking of you…and i noticed that it is your heart chakra (your chest) that is taking in massing anount of energy, like a vortex. (I tend to hone in on things through the aspect of chakras). However, the vortex is on the backside (from your back)…hmmm. interesting! Thought you might be curious! Hope thats ok i posted it on here…i couldnt find an email.

      • I was trying to see if i could figure out why it is like that…anothing thing i can do most times is a trial an error in my mind to see why, and i think i pick up on a traumatic experience is what has put it so inbalanced. If you do a search on the heart chakra and what it is all about and deals with, I’d be interested in hearing if it seems to match up for you (though you do not have to share any personal details). If so, i can probably try to figure out ways for you to help it get more balanced.

  4. And possibly yes to your question…though it takes a lot of personal meditation and things like that. I am actually now able to send energy (that can be felt by another) over long distance to help give pain relief to someone. I started on this journey because my daughter was diagnosed at a very young age with Crohn’s Disease. Being a desparate mom will help you accomplish much! I help her with her pain a lot.

  5. I have shared on my blog traumas from childhood. I have been sexually, emotionally, and physically abused. I see that there are some yoga asanas and meditation I might do, I will have to do some research.

  6. There is lots you can do actually. Think of your heart chakra as a young child…it needs some love! It is associated with the color focus on green. Wear green, eat green. There are aromas that sooth the heart chakra and music as well. You can wear gemstones that sooth it. If you do a search on youtube for heart hakra healing music (and pick one that resonates with you), you cab probably even feel that it is soothing that chakra.

    • It is so interesting you mentioned green because even though I have meditated relatively little and not very consistently when I have I have always focused on green light. I am going to start I think with yoga asanas because I have practiced yoga for 20 years I have the most experience and try steadily to incorporate daily meditation. I will definitely do some research. Thanks!

  7. Depending on where his chronic pain comes from (meaning pinpoint the chakra) you can help him even by simpy adressing that chakra through aromatherapy, food therapy, gemstones, music therapy….just find what you each connect with the most for yourselves. If you want to look further into doing more of what i do to help my daughter, i didnt follow any specific way (as there are lots such as reiki healing and whatnot). I stayed away from that stuff and learned from scratch on my own. I could tell you how i started that if you want. Or you can search types of energy healing and see if you connect with one of those ways and start from there. Acupuncture is one form of energy work, so is reflexology. They all do the same things just different methods.

    • Well as far as physical problems my husband has 2 types of scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, the atlas which is the upper most vertebrae which should not move lodges sometimes in his skull and causes severe migraines, at any given time he has at least 3 herniated disks, and his joints are hyper-mobile which means they are always out of place. He has extremely strong hands but unlike his other joints his hands are rigid. He also has digestive problems, he goes to the bathroom A LOT and has problems with a very low appetite and stomach pains. Emotionally he suffers from intense self-hatred, and an over developed sense of responsibility. He had a bad childhood as well, very little love was ever shown to him.I would like to know how you started.

  8. You focus on green because your body needs it. That may also be an indication that you “see” energy if you mean you are focusing on the color green in your mind. I can actually see specific colors of energy in my mind. I have also found that reciting personal mantras dealing with the healing desired withi a chakra can be a very powerful thing. Search on heart chakra mantras. Since you are a writer of words….possibly might be something youd connect with strongly.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I dont get many opportunities to validate things i sense, so this has helped me a bit with confidence in that i do actually sense and see things. Hope some of my info helps you to find your own way of healing and soothing yourself…and hopefully your hubby as well.

  10. I will have to do some looking into your husband to see if i can pinpoint what chakra or chakras to focus on. Sometimes one off can trickle to others. If you already know his deep rooted issue of self hate that could be it. Starting wih mantras to reverse that can help. My first advice would be a LOT of meditation trying to specifically focus on your own energy system…that is what chakras are, your personal energy system. It took me a long time of doing that before i started sensing and becoming aware of my chakras. I can now feel them, see them in my mind. I see them very differently than others. Doing in this way i believe you will have them revealed to you in a way you can best relate, as opposed to notions and ideas from others that leave you trying to fit your own self into a box made by another, to fit another. Then…it is about trying to understand what you see and sense in yourself and others. That will be neverending…

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