Prompt 16: Life Lesson


Share a bit of your own personal wisdom. There is no right or wrong responses to this prompt it is all about your truth, about what guides and drives you, about life as you perceive it. Isadora Duncan believed that truth was beauty and that beauty could be found even in decay and death. That said you can go with a light inspirational piece or something raw and gritty,. Sometimes the darkest moments, the greatest tragedies, lead us to revelation. So what have you learned? Photographs are allowed too of course! In fact this might be a good prompt for you to post a picture of your face without makeup or enhancement/editing ( you don’t have to of course)! I have done this many times as I never wear makeup (considering my skill I would be worse for it lol)




These parcels

From the heart

Transcend embodiment

The voice of reason

They are mirages

Beyond place and time

Inverted reflections

Of faculty

For which no

Impartial translations exist


In the depths

Of my unconscious mind

Darkness knows no precinct

But nightmares do not disparage

They are a lustrative inkstone

Mitigating horror

Through expression

Ambrosia for the muse


I would stray indefinitely

In these metanoic visions

Creating maelstroms

From subterfuge

A brilliant oasis

The thrill of exotic idols

In my dreams I can be anyone

Unbound by convention

For once, a paragon of beauty