These parcels

From the heart

Transcend embodiment

The voice of reason

They are mirages

Beyond place and time

Inverted reflections

Of faculty

For which no

Impartial translations exist


In the depths

Of my unconscious mind

Darkness knows no precinct

But nightmares do not disparage

They are a lustrative inkstone

Mitigating horror

Through expression

Ambrosia for the muse


I would stray indefinitely

In these metanoic visions

Creating maelstroms

From subterfuge

A brilliant oasis

The thrill of exotic idols

In my dreams I can be anyone

Unbound by convention

For once, a paragon of beauty


36 thoughts on “Dreamscape

  1. Muse, creation of reflection, It all dwells within us. The realization of such may come in several forms you did well to touch base on these to create yet another masterpiece. You may be the only non-rhyming poet I would take time out of my day to read multiple posts. For I can understand your words without confusion. It is something I personally struggle with so no offense to other writers, Its just for some reason, the darkness of your work speaks to me better than others can. Thanks for posting, and during the rally i will have another post about commenting >.> its nicer i promise…..^.^ so till then have a great time

    1. I will certainly have a look at your post when it comes out =) I am so glad your enjoying my poetry and that my messages are getting across. That’s really for me the most important element. more than writing something pretty, I want to create something that stirs the reader.

    1. Thank you Michael =) Last night I dreamnt I was trying to rescue friends from the Underworld Death moved in the creepiest most invasive way *shudders* some nights I can control my dreams totally and decide precisely what I want to dream about

      1. I can’t all the time but when I can it is fabulous. I also forget a lot of what I dream, sometimes I remember pieces but usually not enough to work with, I am lucky when I retain enough to write about

      1. well I can never fault what you put together – so as much as my critique is a bit so-so – you deserve the adulation and recognition – so cheers to you lovely for stirring the souls of many. x

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