Dead tired but still breathing

Dead tired but still breathing. We are in the thick of the move right now and my days are hectic/busy. I am ashamed to say I haven’t written anything since my last Wordle. I had wanted to do the Wordle this week but I am not sure if I will pull it off yet.


A little about the experience

As with all of our previous moves it is just us doing everything. No friends, no family, no movers. Just us making a 90 minute drive once/twice daily in a car that has entered its final stages of life. As it is winter the roads have ice and it is dark, so much caution is needed. I am getting by on pure enthusiasm but I am tired, really tired.


I am doing most of the packing and unpacking. Sam is doing installations and is renovating Isadora’s room. He finished the floor yesterday (looks great!) and is putting up the wallpaper. We have a pink wallpaper for 3 walls and a photo wallpaper with cherry blossoms for 1 wall. Her room is the only one getting a makeover at the moment. In the future we will redo the bathrooms as they are older and maybe change the wallpaper/flooring in some other rooms but that isn’t a major priority.  The furnace is a priority. We also need to get a dryer!


We are in a major time crunch because we have to get back to the city before school lets out each day. Isadora has her school closing ceremony tomorrow as well.


The house seems so big walking end to end and I keep getting lost. We have to call out to find each other haha It has a good relaxing vibe that house.


Yesterday we took Isadora to visit her new school. Her class will be smaller 10 students as opposed to 17. They have PE biweekly, instead of once a week which includes swimming classes. They study math everyday instead of intermittently. Isadora loves math (she got that from Sam) so she was very excited to hear it. They also appear to be further along in reading (she doesn’t like reading nearly so much). In general the school seems significantly more organized. The students appeared excited to have a new student and several of them live near her, one boy is our most immediate neighbor and they all seemed to know exactly where she lives. I think she will like having her classmates so close. Supposedly there is a park where all the kids hangout, that we will have to locate.  A smaller town certainly but the school seemed in better shape academically.


We decorated the tree at the new house after her visit to school.


I had a therapy appointment today and wasn’t able to make the daily house trip. I haven’t figured out a therapy schedule for the new year yet, it will be 90 minutes to and from therapy possibly more on a bus. Good therapists are hard to find though and I do not think there are closer options in anycase. Still no word from the school about classes =(