Surprise Prompt

I want you to write about what freedom means to you. Do you feel free to express your beliefs/life philosophy, creative genius, opinions, feelings, sexuality/gender identity, authenticity etc.? Was there ever a time when you did not speak out against injustice but should have? Was there ever a time when you felt that your personal freedoms were restricted in anyway? What if any limits do you think there should be concerning freedom of expression? What improvements would you like to see within your own community?


Love in Ten Sentences

When I was a girl I wrote a poem called “Love Is” and this challenge prompted quite the scavenger hunt as I wanted to see what my juvenile self thought about the subject. I wasn’t sure if the sentences were meant to be separate or part of a cohesive whole (I went for something rather separate). Since the onset of our existence we’ve been trying to describe what love is, which is rather like growing an angel in a petri dish if you ask me.

Love is the ocean (fathomless and deep). -from the original poem

Love is a precipice (that does not diminish in retreat).

Love outlives the host.

Love is the arrow (and the mark).

Love exonerates the soul.

Love is not blind (betrayals of the mind never infiltrate the soul).

Love is not conquest (however deep the surrender).

Love is not merchandise (it cannot be bought, bartered or sold).

Love has many veils (but wears none).

Love transcends any attempt (at explanation).

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