Wordle #176


Time serves us all a sentence.

The brevity of our lives,

Our communities mere decades.

Our concerns are but vague collaborations.

Our hearts unraveling without care

For a chat or a nod or a spare set of keys.

The compromises which in hindsight

Compromise our state of being

And our souls most of all.

He who does not listen cannot

Feasibly know and he who lacks

Contact or initiative cannot

Feasibly do anything to resolve

The discrepancies of ego.

Does a single answer exist

That could ever satisfy

The collective of man?

There are not enough Gods

To answer all our whims

And even if there were

We lack the means

To perceive them.




Chiho Aoshima

My lips drop, a penny for the displacement of hope

Tell me only that which I, in stupefaction seek

Sanity is too fluid to enslave or replicate

There are no grownups only pilfered nests

And feral eggs that feast upon extraneous instinct

When I die I shall embed a stone crown

That my suchness may remain entitled to occupancy

To be infinite is itself a transient state

And yet entire lives are spent sorting labels


Wordle #5 Polaris


The scent of your musk

Knots in my throat

Gathers like a coven

Of duplicitous nymphs

Sets free my albatross

That I might attain

A much needed altitude


You are a self-made Polaris

Of impeccable dispersion

I follow you a mendicant,

A thicket, a parting of wounds

Contentiously wrapped


I break my heart

Into shapely wedges

Like a tangerine

A slice for each year

Of residency

We who are decidedly essential

Are likewise finite

And yet I’d gladly bleed

Each succulent cell

That you should know

Eternally my taste




zipperIf I were a planet

I’d have a hollow core

Crepuscular in odyssey

I’d drift aimlessly

Ricocheting against

Invisible labyrinths

No matter how

Fastidious the design

Fate always bends

Toward entropy


If I were a landscape

I’d have a muddied surface

From hoards of unshod feet

Trampling my potential

Into self-serving affectations

Impatience and convenience

Always trump conservation


If I were a house

I’d be uninhabited

Save for death

Which preys

Even as it sows

Transience being


In its undertaking


If I were a man

Praise would not terminate

My sense of omission

I’d hunt egregiously

From stolen parcels

And assign contrast

I am good


Other is bad

Senryu Assorted



My expectant hands

Cannot absolve the trespass

Of your absence



Bellicose in loss

You animate my language

With your savage frown



My ribs crack open

Entrails invading the den

Of an unstrung heart



I fear stagnation

The compression of regrets

Into despotic whims



My heart is tender

A delicacy suited

To anomalous tastes



Your eyes seek the stars

Despite burden, endeavor

Doggedly to dream



Truth is a phantom

Interred within the chambers

Of a nascent heart


Does anyone know of a good free word program? I am using Open Office and it is worse than wordpress about messing with the formatting.