Wordle #231 “The Fish in the System”


He loved her and it was enough

though society devised many methods

to prove to him otherwise.

His world was yellow and brown

sometimes he looked over the fence

at the teeming pits of AstroTurf beyond

and thought a little green would be nice.

Years passed like a sentence,

next took precedence over now.

And my god how he waited

trying to connect, to tell the tales

chilling steadily within him

but never speaking, dealing

only in salts and butterscotch.

Night applies itself

to such sinister ends

when first we tame

ourselves to pretend.

The day that he joined “them”

was the last day that he lived

and even she grew distant

though she neither left

nor stopped loving him.

still trying to get my rhythm and schedule down




Cage By Parablev
Parablev@Deviant Art

I am the only one

Who never departs


Each morning I enter

Precisely as I passed

And each night I fall

Negligent into the same

Faithful vestibule

Like a catatonic monk


If it were another’s madness

I would be more obliging

A sympathizing prophet

Willing to claim or dismiss

(Weather permitting)

But so long as the reflection

Is mine cowardice persists


And so long as a cage exists

There is always a tenet

Brimming with fatal intent

And all the money in

The world could not make

The exterior any greener

Than the interior permits


The earth is a cage of sorts

And we stand here reckless

Certain of only one thing

That to clear a passage

For growth is to habituate

To another level of pain