I would like to give a shoutout to a close friend of mine. She is an extremely talented writer, a loving and supportive friend, and a super cool, authentic human being. Visit her. Adore her. She deserves it!

A Writer’s Iodine

Wordle #140


No one exits this love intact,

A means that pulverizes

All that would follow.

I am undone in the skeins

Of your bellicose poems

Still I attend, flying

With the force of eternity.

The shuttle came late

Another level of hell

Sought and overtaken,

Another star shaved down

To a less consequential flesh.

I roll your heart under my palm

Just enough heat to instigate.

A spider’s eyes, cinnamon spun

Spill from every echo

What could be more clear

Than a fool’s devotion?

I have only time for you,

To listen, to melt, to stutter

With the force of your attritional lips.

I paint my wrists with your initials,

My eyelids with your silhouette

The pith of your mischievous smile,

The mercy of my teeth as they trip

Over these catgut margins

Possession makes no difference

When together we are blessed.


Lately I have been struggling with writing, not for lack of desire but just old-fashioned stress. When I get too stressed and  have a lot to do I often experience some emotional blockages. This has nothing to do with the poem I am just saying how I am feeling at the moment.




There are not enough shadows

To cover the cicatrice of your smile.

It is a memory I will undress until

The fabric of time wears so thin

I lose the luxury of amnesia.


At times you have been

The only human inside of me

At times a husk of worried nails

I consult you as one coaxes rain,

In a dearth of threadless clouds.


fantasy-love-imagesFree Wallpaper By: Selly1 of Deviantart

In the hollows of your joined palms I perch

A cage that closes neither on departure nor return

A cage bereft the imposition of an artificial sky.

Your reception lends courage to my singularity

Without you there exists no inclination to song,

No dreams worth the risk of sustained flight

You ignite the angel within my presumed beast


The next few days I will be quite busy birthday parties and of course the fast-approaching increasingly terrifying visit to the Neurologist. I will write but if I am not able to complete a poem to my satisfaction I will reblog one of my lesser viewed poems in the very early days of my blog. I will of course post the prompt on Sunday but if it takes me a little longer to respond please don’t worry I will get there =) I wrote an accompanying piece on Curious Flowers not a poem but a little discussion on love haha

Thank You


The way

Your smile leans

Against my heart,

Keeps me

From losing



The way

Your eyes

Wrap around

My words

Reminds me

That I am not





You lift me up

As though

I were whole

As though

I were weightless


I fail





Your love

Is free

You are

The hope

That unlaces

My tragedy

The wind

That gathers

Me wild

From a serried



You made me


That I could be


Without inoculation

Or shame

You made me


That I could

Indite this muse

Even though

She scars on


Even though

I am too fragile

To unfold her



This is my way of saying THANK YOU for the friendship, for the encouragement, for the faith =) You can use Mr. Linky to share your own Thank You poem to you readers, friends, or family or you can simply share a link to your blog generally or to any entry on your blog that you feel like sharing.  If clicking your icon doesn’t link to your blog please share your link below because I can’t find some of you,



The lines underneath your lashes

Are not as deep as the valleys

That exscind your heart


You relay all bias

Through the moon

The phases of eclipse and ignition

Even the gravity

That enslaves you to your art

Is both anathema and provision


I watch you spread flesh and blood

Over open-faced diaries

Praying that exposure might lend itself

To an ubiquitous cleansing

Praying that the honesty of one

Might translate the voiceless panic

Of an increasingly damaged nation


I dread those moments

When your upturned brushes

Find no cause worthy of polemic

Those moments when your palate knife

Euthanizes all endeavor

To see you virulent in the act of creation

Is the substance of my unwashed dreams

So paint and through painting be seen




I have wanted for that

Which I do not possess

I have envied others

Their talent

Their beauty

Their content


I have wanted for suitors

For men over whom I hold

Intractable power

(Is worth not more intrinsic

Than opinion?)

I have wanted for the dignity

Of a well-lanned ambition

To create alien landscapes

From an eclectic syllabary

To weave dreams like Morpheus

Into starched collars

And patent leather shoes

That none may depart



I have hungered

For the prosaic

For food

For security

For a family whose love

Do not falter with utility


I have known poverty

In its literal sense

Survival above novelty

And still I have found

No absence greater

Than the human heart


Well-lanned means well-informed, knowledgeable, connected, and supported it actually comes the game Planescape Torment so it’s not technically a real word but it’s a good word so feel free to use it!