Polarity Installement #2


Inquiry would not have revealed him for even he did not know by what compulsion he entered the cafe. He was expected to return home promptly after school and yet he felt that to return would be a betrayal. But to whom? Surely not his mother and siblings who waited to welcome him as they always did and always would so long as he lived alongside them. Entering the cafe he found it subdued and wholesome. There were only a few costumers and none in his age group which was itself a testament to his breech in contract. If he left now his family would not be the least vexed by his absence for he could still return on time. He would tell them what he’d done, his mother would find it curious perhaps but she would not punish him.


He did not leave. Instead he approached the bar, contemplating the menu, which was through the film of his guilt wholly unappetizing. He ordered a smoothie. All produce was locally grown and organic. The concoction, no matter how elaborate, would arrive without added sugar in a sensibly portioned container.  His was a world that did not cater gluttony, so this simple selfish act was itself a form of indulgence. The smoothie he received was mostly orange so he surmised that he’d ordered something predominately carrot, which was just as well because he doubted he would taste it.


“My aren’t you rebellious….” The teenager jumped nearly sloshing out the contents of his cautiously sipped beverage. Turning in the direction of the voice he was surprised to find the woman seated in the barstool beside him. How could he have missed her? Her clothes were form-fitting, suggestive, and he thought impractical. She smelled of lavender and intrigue. Her features were accented expertly with color, her skin ageless, her lips insufferably red, eyes a treacherous shade of blue. Her golden hair was nearly waist length and it fell in loose voluptuous waves about her slender shoulders and back. He had never seen a woman so beautiful and his face filled up instantaneously with color.


“Are you waiting for someone….a girl perhaps?” The woman asked stirring her strawberry smoothie absently. “No…I’m not waiting for anyone….actually I am expected elsewhere….” He responded staring into the impenetrable orange of his glass. Although he attended a coed school his interactions with the opposite sex were surprisingly few. By prevailing standards he was too young to date and in any case he was so preoccupied that he could scarcely find the time to fantasize. “Then you must have come here for me….” The woman commented taking a sip. “Were you expecting me?” He inquired turning now to look at the disconcertingly smiling visage. He wasn’t sure why he’d asked it how could a stranger expect him? “Ours is a private matter….we will meet again….tonight…” She said fishing in her purse for a sheet of folded paper, which she promptly offered him. “Do you know the location?” She asked as he studied the map. “Yes it’s my neighbor’s house…” He answered quizzically, she most definitely did not live next door to him. “To think you’ve been so close…” She giggled standing up and smoothing out her provocatively short skirt. “I trust you will have no trouble then…12 pm and don’t be a second late…”


Prompt 21 My Story


This weeks prompt is My Story any of you who read my post “My Story” got a preview. Hopefully you’ve been contemplating, maybe you’ve even gotten started, maybe you’ve even finished. For those of you who didn’t read the prompt preview or for those of you who just need a reminder choose a period of your life to relate (if ambitious you can do an abridged version of key moments of your life up until this point).  My own story attempts to answer the question “What triggered you to write?” I want your story to answer a question as well but it need not be the same question in fact it can be any question at all “What is the driving force in your life?” “What is love?” “What is the most profound spiritual experience you’ve ever had?” The question can be deep or it can be much simpler “Why do I love penguins?” “Why do I hate hotdogs?” The story you share can be light-hearted and funny or it can be the kind of story that leaves your audience in tears or it can be something in between. You can be the hero, the villain, or just a neutral character in the story. I have shared some dark elements of my nature and past. I have shown some of my character flaws,  you do not have to share anything you do not feel comfortable sharing. If you want to talk about summer camp and you loved summer camp talk about summer camp. It is up to you. If you want to share a photo or artwork share something particularly meaningful to you, a work that you are especially pleased with). Your entries this week might be long so it will take me longer to read and comment on them. I will get to all of them though as I always do. I have a busy weekend so I may not get started until next week.

Prompt 13 Photo Inspiration


I am still working on my fairytale (went to the zoo yesterday) so I really didn’t have time to put my prompt together or write my own entry for the prompt haha I created this site and have not yet had time to upload many photos but your mission is to chose one and let it inspire you. As the photographs were taken by either my husband or myself you can post the pictures on your site freely. Obviously I didn’t take the really old one but it is a family photo so you can use it freely as well (the little girl is my maternal grandmother). The cowboy is me dressed as Irvine Kinneas from FF8, my husband made the costume. I am so lame I know. I just thought I’d go to school dressed like that and freak out all the people in my Japanese class. I do not mind if you edit/manipulate the photos (aside from resizing I never edit my photos haha).  If you do not want to post photos on your site just let me know which photograph you were using for your inspiration. If you are a photographer and only submit photos than just submit your own photo as you would normally. I have very little experience taking photographs and because of my neurological issues it is very hard to hold my hands still!

The photos can be found here

Photos for Prompt