Attendance Mandatory


Love is not a ghost

That comes in the night

Unbidden to each threshold.

It does not assimilate

Within a vacuum

Within a box

On a doorstep by mistake.

If it entered accordingly

Would reason forgive

Its omissions?

The poor etiquette?

The stalker whose fantasy

Manifests only

In motionless portraits?


Love can be spontaneous

But it craves attendance.

A thought unaired

Does not a conversation lend.

Participation should never be


There is something to be said

For a man who extends

His hand, his heart,

The breath of his being

But there must be someone

Sentient to receive it.

An archetype

Is a bleak alternative

To authenticity.


I am not much of a photographer, I have very unsteady hands but I want to start using more of my own work. If you have art or photographs that you would like for me to feature with a poem please feel free to email me or comment. I will link your site.

Prompt 7 Nonsense/Madness


For those of you who read my submission you might be feeling nervous haha In this weeks challenge you have some options

  1. Write a Jabberwocky aka a “nonsense poem” if you are uncertain what that is have a look at Wikipedia for a description if you write a Jabberwocky I leave it up to you if you translate the imaginary words, your Jabberwocky poem can be on any topic
  2. Write a Dadaist poem I used an online generator for mine which is here if you want to do that rather than cutting up newspapers (or if like me you have taken the recyclables and have no periodicals lol Or if like me you just like to use your own words for everything), your Dadaist poem can be on any topic as well
  3. Write a haiku or limerick with theme of madness (you can use any term for madness; crazy, insane, psychophoric that is one of my made up words it means happy psycho etc.)
  4. Write about a personal experience with madness, you can also write about cults, or obsessional or stalker type relationships
  5. Submit artwork or photographs
  6. Write as if you were mad (you can write through a character if you want), what would your experience of the world be?
  7. Write about a topsy turvy world