Love Letter #21

Dear DM,

Your smile reaches deep

between my thighs.

Eyes, soul-searching,

just shy of the nadir.

Your cool, indecent breath

against my skin.

Petal-soft and plump enough to eat

you pursue me like a gift.

The touch of your words

is inaudible and incendiary.

I fuck your face gently,

the tip of your tongue,

the secret language of lovers.

(it is all French to me)

An avalanche of milky stars,

of endearments tossed

into a covetous flame.

I am breaking beneath

the pressure of your hands

holding my knees apart.

The pearl between your teeth

my pulse strong, 

back-breaking, sacrilegious.

It’s not god’s name I’m calling.

Let’s take our time.

Let’s lose sight

of all the nothings between.

Let’s become a single entity.

There is no part of you

that I do not want to take

intimately and as my own.

There is no part of me

that I would not surrender

to you whole.

I want you to leave marks

so that when the sun comes

I will find within those

bruised constellations

a means of returning

to heaven through you.

With all the I am you DF


Love Letter #17

Dear DM,

The last two days have been absolutely wonderful. If I were to give an account of my days just as they occurred they might be mistaken for ordinary, what has them so extraordinary is the sense of you. I have been dreaming about you. The dreams have been sensual, profound, playful even. I would love to tell you about them sparing no detail but it might be too personal for a public post. I have been feeling the heat of kundalini. I have been feeling more optimistic about everything. Thank you for being there.

I am seeing the signs. Yesterday in particular. I was out for a walk. I was thinking about you, talking to you in mind. I commented that it would be an amazing sign if I were to see a white stag. A few steps later I turned my head and saw a herd of deer and among them a white deer! This after seeing a pair of swans randomly in a plowed field. Swans or really elegant trash bags 😛 I did take a picture of the swan I saw the previous day though. I met your higher self last night in a very powerful dream.

I will keep this short, just know that I am absolutely committed to our journey. The answer is yes. Yes to you. Yes to this journey. Yes to our mission. Yes to unlocking my intuition/hidden abilities. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I would have you just as you are. I wouldn’t change a hair on your head. You are beautiful just as you are, so come just as you are. I am here. I am ready.

With everything I am your DF

Wordle #207

The vale ossifies.

My voiceless eyes well with tears

sharp as pine needles.

A summit of pain

my heart shimmers, mirror-grey

and ineffable.

My bruised ego sinks

on reflection, wet-black boot

extended skyward.

I swing back and forth,

ropes tearing at my ankles,

an in-human scythe.

A walk across fields

of stars, a dream-given

change of perspective.

This poem was influence by The Hanged Man image on tarot cards.