Micropoetry Another Attempt


Simon Siwak


These hemorrhagic muses

Exist within the fluting

Of my symphonic veins

Ready to weep any origin


A drug of design and duress

I execute poems in defense

Of my eternal soul


The essential wound

Being of course the heart

Cannot be swathed or sewn

Without loss of love and compassion


Ink cauterizes my tears

But my words do not

Deny the sentiment




I turn the lights off

When I listen to the chorus

It’s like playing chicken

With God


Music is empathic

The way it presses tears

From soul threads


Every tender refrain

Leaves me redolent

As a newly dispensed sea

A state of saturation

That expedites purity


Everything I know of love

I’ve scraped

From your bones

Words rich and iron-infused

You are

The unbroken voice within

The illumination

Of a benevolent unknown


Not much time to write hence the disconnect between the stanzas. I am celebrating Christmas with my little family unit today and then with the in-laws tomorrow.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!