Wordle #244- Introduce Yourself

You are like the ghostly green penumbra

of a firefly on a damp Southern night.

Haunting and nebulous

I watch you pass into my dreams

with saintly restraint.

Your heart partially undressed

as you hold the door open

for me to follow you

to places inscrutable.

Behind your smile,

a kind of prayer

upturned and quixotic.

I love you until it burns.

My bare breasts sink

into your plaintive microcosm.

Your smooth

animal warmth

falling in waves

around me.

Your cautious tongue,

your misplaced hands

swirling the ether

within and without.

Once I had a name for you

(I called you Axel, DM)

Once I had a name for us

(I called us twinflames)

a name to coalese and clarify

but now I see that

we are altogether new.

Now I call you


(introduce yourself)

Dream Lover

Down Low

because you

are a secret

because you

are a mystery

Divine Liason

because you

connect me

to something


than I am alone.

I am so RUSTY also very emotional today so gibberish?

Breathe into Me

I breathe myself into you,
a desire so sincere
you have only to drink.
For a moment
I hold your wholeness,
your unbroken yolk
within myself.
No one could ever mean
what you mean to me.
It’s safe to speak
the words in your heart.
Everything you feel
is sacred.
Everything you feel
is mirrored in me.

Sometimes I overflow
with emotion
like a sunset across water.
Together our bodies
would make an ocean.
Together we’d have
a heart big enough
to cradle humanity.
Can you really say
that you don’t feel it?

I could watch you
thread needles all day.
I love the way
your hands move
when gathering
my heart together.
I love the way
you breathe yourself
into me
like a dream
without ending.

Only You

I want to wrap you

around my body like a room.

Floor to ceiling, only you.

I am grasping at your smile for context.

We are dreaming out loud,

just the two of us.


You are toppling

through my arms like silk.

I am begging you

to split me open

before my words

silence the choir of my heart.

We are connected. Scar to scar,

an entire constellation of us.


You are sitting in front of me

with your eyes partially closed.

I am counting your eyelashes

as if they were the flower petals.

Does he love me yes or no?

We are holding hands

in a silent prayer and there is nothing

to anchor us but our commitment

to each other.