How long can yearning satisfy a reckless host?

I drink my reflection from your exasperated pupils

Wondering if the spell will surrender your name.

I am not indifferent to the depth

Of your primal sentimentality

And I have more passion than I have shame

For there is nothing I wouldn’t do

To strip the rind shrouding your heart.

(Bitter is not the only flaw inherent in poison)

It would be such a tragedy to die before you

That you might wake with only the reminder

Of what once was a lifetime of pivotal conjunctions

The only thing you can believe is that the fire

Spares no man his curiosity

But it is a small price to pay for love.


Photo Challenge #51 – Dark Ritual

Dark Rituals Mala Lesbia

Laura Makabresku


You fetch a murder,

Unsuspecting doves

Painted in unison

We might start

With only a single thread

Held in the infamous curve

Of that disastrous cradle

And if your veil

Is as black as mine

It might take a lifetime

To understand

One anothers’ pain.


If I ask you first

Will we make it

Through the next audition?

Shame chaperones love

And if not for your eyes

I would never have known

A depth as inhospitable as this

Rejection is continuous

When estrangement

Has taken hold

Of the individual roots.


There is a séance

In your out-stretched hands

My demons leap

From the syncopation

Of our conjoined veins

Go ahead and euthanize

These metastatic shadows

If you press a little deeper

You’ll find much the same.



Heeding Haiku With HA: Jack Kerouac


Cast off stilettos,

A star-crossed stumble

Through an open flame


Sunlight streams

Through the cracks

Of my slackening fist


A mirror, in revulsion, cracks

To whom should I address

My questions now?


I wanted to do more and may later but I am struggling to find my words at the moment. I am inspired to write and stuck at the same time, just too much competition in my head!






My heart, a collapsed halo,

Upon which your bony fingers

Still impatiently drum

An abacus plucking out

Invisible adversaries

For us each to overcome


This poem is fictional and also short. Lately my poems have all been woefully short. I am even more scattered-brained than usual which scarcely seems possible.

Mask Snippets



I wanted so much

To dismiss you

To avoid the regret

Of my heart crushed

Under the weight

Of your fictitious organs


I could never

Fit inside of you

A closet locked

From the inside

And I

Feared the prayers

That if answered,

Would grant me




My aorta feeds

Directly into your ego

I habituate my dialogue

To your paranoia

A stranger

Growing stranger

And stranger with time

I cover the mirrors

Denying the occupancy

Of these impassive features

To my dynamic infrastructure


A reliable suicide

A cocoon of denial


By an autonomous pen

A hand-drawn mask

Lies or does it?

Don’t our defenses

Say just as much

About who we are

As our face unframed?


Is it insignificance

That I fear

The possibility

That the face behind

A well-placed mask

Is nameless

Remarkable only

In absence


Human or beast

It makes no difference

The greater the intellect

The more pervasive

The needs

And sometimes

The instinct

To survive

Is the instinct

That kills


I have a mad case of chaos head so my thoughts are all over the place



My instincts cannot comprehend

The necessity of affectation

They implore me to drink

Even as I stand before you now

Drunk on the nuance of your exhale


I study you under a sodium vapor lamp

A love, that on entreaty would destroy

My tongue tampers with the dimensions

Of your smile, wondering if a promise could

Be suctioned from your failing lungs

Like a child’s petulant cry for mercy


I prefer the invention of romance

To its application, some moments

Become astringent when held

Too long against the palate


The suspicion of maneuver

Tears tenderly at my heart,

But my pride is not forthcoming