3 Small Poems


Missing You
Every occasion
that you do not occupy
is wasted on me.

We might be closer
than the stars and we might be
fools of fate, because
night after night, I dream you
into my artless embrace.

We are fathomless,
you edge into my currents
supple as sunlight.
We are deeper than the seas
stacked on top of each other.



Boot Print

The infertile sky

carries on for miles and miles

black as a fiend’s tongue.


All that I have left

is the outline of your boot

pressed against my chest.


For now I will not

wash it off, for it must serve

in place of my heart.


FabianPerezArt by: Fabian Perez

She yields

To impassive streets

To effervescent alleys

The color of lit pumpkins


Milk pale

She paints her mouth

In suffering shades

Of scarlet


Brows, moon-arched

She poses demurely


A paper umbrella

Siphoning starlight

From the sallow glow

Of orphaned dreams




Her intimation

Into the smiling lines

Of his palms


Tears the color

Of mercury

He translates

Her breath

On canvas


She prefers

Cherry blossoms

Tissue thin hearts




Writer’s Block argh

Ocean Haiku


Petulant seas press

My diaphanous heart deep

Verse from fossils traced


Dark and lyrical

Primordial currents sire

An alien harvest


Auric sky dipping

Beneath molten copper seas

Bohemian eve


Coquettish waves lick

The hull of a besotted boat

Sailors imbibed whole


Haiku for

Haiku Heights

Synaptic Fugue


The darkness is always right-handed, my pupil drinking

In a quixotic iris. Admonishing the light I see in shadow

Puppets, in murders, in fiendish feathers spinning, to an

Entropic earth. I walk amongst the clouds, winged ankles

Scorning the root. I am deviant, asymmetrical, a telephone cable

Unsheathed and dancing in rain. Abused by a demonic parasite if

Superstition holds. My mind growls, reality menaces a sea of

Confusion, of broken hands and fang-baring smiles. I am not

Myself, if I ever I was, I am not myself, it takes too much to

Love me, too much patience, too much repetition. The world

Will teach me uncertainty, how to drown, how to fall, but not

How to land. I will never know what is mine, this reptilian soul

Keeps shedding my hopes and dreams, this reptilian soul that

Never grows old, never wiser, and I am always new, always

Maladjusted. My language excised from the veins, from the

Bones, from the leaks, from the residue wept in hollows deep


The clouds drift by me

Winged ankles scorning the root

Courting anarchy


My language excised

From laconic residue

Wept in hollows deep


This is isn’t quite a Haibun but it is something lol I am in my seizure cycle again, which means the seizure frequency is way up and I am not recovering between them sufficiently to be even remotely functional. I am beyond exhausted and in a dense mental fog. After a seizure my right pupil tends to enlarge without the left so I look kind of like a psychotic cartoon. I want to apologize if I am slow or if I am not making sense when I post and/or comment or if I like without comment. If I don’t seem like myself well it is because I am not right in the head lol. I am extremely forgetful now so I may forget names or even my favorite blog’s addresses the blog roll helps me but I haven’t added everyone so please send me links if there is something you want me to read. Anyways, I want to share a weird story, a very old woman came up to me yesterday and gave me a white zucchini, she explained to me carefully that is wasn’t a cucumber and that is was delicious. She didn’t want money and since she gave me the zucchini my husband has found about $95 in random places! I wasn’t hallucinating because I have the zucchini (which others can see) and Isadora remembers the woman lol So yeah a stranger came up to me in the street and gave me a zucchini (not from a produce stand mind you, not at the grocery just randomly)

Time Haiku


I watch the minutes

Peeling from your bloodied lips

Farewell’s copper kiss


I dream only of you

Of the clock’s waning gestures

Of censure and guilt


I emptied my hopes

Into a man that had none

Time danced by fearless


Pained by its passage

I slipped into the mortar

Of a self-made cell


I don’t want to change

To accept this fate unwished

Leave me to the stars


Leave me to my dreams

To my lone constellations

To a hope-spun grave


Shining in the dark

Like a pharos, denial

Is my only friend


Trauma turns to scars

That harden, I wear my bones

On the surface now


Seeds of nostalgia

Grow such beautiful flowers

And such bitter fruit


From this fragile love

An iron-scaled hatred seethes

I want to hurt you


To taste only grief

In your name, a monster bred,

An obsession


My hands prey like birds

Stripping blue worms from dry earth

To stop the hunger


My heart cannot bear

Your loss, the cold exodus

Of souls dividing


There are no masks

Left to hide beneath, my face

Through exposure cracks


Your China doll crushed

Inside a sterile embrace

No womb to regress


No heart to lie on

No warmth through which I might mend

Stiff fingers point down


I hate your pale face

The trenchant black digits

That cry nevermore

I am sorry I could not stop writing haiku!

Submission for

Haiku Heights

“Squeeze” Senryu and 1 Tanka



Her harlot red mouth

Wraps around my aorta

Forcing my pulse down



I’m ripe and willing

Remove my chastening rind

Break me down, taste me


Heart line

Hold me as if yours

Stroke my heart line with your tongue

Ravish destiny



Of my life a door

That offers no safe passage

I wait, closet-pressed



However fragile

Beauty, such as I, possess

Summons not through flesh

But drips hot and ambrosial

From the barrel of a pen



You wear your brows drawn

A darkened face, in darkness kept

Cinched throat, menacing



The Devil’s hand rests

Inside my knotted entrails

Submissively tense


When I write I don’t worry about gender so the first one is written as if the writer were male

Submission for

Haiku Heights

Swing Haiku


Virtue cast aside

I am too far from Canaan

To become a star


Heaven shrinks and swells

Depending on the angle

Of my intentions


Blurry Monet sky

Braided chains unraveling

Blinding pirouettes


I summon the wind

Sunburnt thighs pumping madly

Icarus’ first flight


You stand nonchalant

In the seat of a worn swing

Swaying my resolve


On a wooden plank

I sail above elvish trees

Queen of the forest


When I was a kid my dad sent me to day camp to learn how to make Native American pottery the swing set was in a clearing in the woods so I used to imagine the trees were my minions when I was swinging

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Haiku Heights

Carpe Diem Haikus

Japanese Style Landscape

Vapor wings emerge

Incense-breathing dragon bred

In earthenware pot


A cooling zephyr

Capsizes Genmaicha raft,

Teacup sea claims luck


Mystical cadence

Affords the heart’s hollow eyes

Unclouded vision


The morning air sleeps

While I daydream over a

Cup of honeyed tea


(then I took a dark turn)

In his eyes the eve,

The madness of laughing clouds

And rainbow puddles


The streets are his veins

His slick asphalt dreams, escape

Heroin highways


Submission for

Carpe Diem