2 Short Poems (Capacity/Terminal Velocity)



My alveolate tongue has reached capacity

What remains of my heart cannot be quoted

Because it has not yet been understood

Terminal Velocity 

Fear has cast all logic astray

I sit thread-less with sewn fingers

Contemplating my terminal in life

Will I take the black train

With the single illumined window?

Or will I take the red one

Screeching to a vainglorious halt?


When I was in high school I had a dream. The dream began brilliantly I was soaring through the clouds free and unencumbered. I saw a flashing light and found myself unable to focus on anything else. I fell from the sky faster and faster. I noticed beneath me was a train station or rather a single platform in the middle of a landscape that did not exist. The scene was black and white (well mostly grey) except a single yellow window in a speeding black train. The light drew me and I kept moving toward that flash and then I woke up suddenly outside my body. When I reentered my body I had a very violent fit. It felt like that lit window was death but even though I struggled vehemently against it the whole time I was dreaming I was being summoned toward it at a horrifying speed. So the black train in the poem is reference to the dream. I have probably told you this dream before somewhere but maybe not everyone has read it. I feel I am not the only one who has had this dream.




I alter the planes

Of my face to replicate

A more affable


Do I render myself


In the assumptions

Of smiles not yet


Or is happiness

In part conditioning?

I was fed of tragedy

I know not

What fate

I should attune

But to surrender

To my savage blood

Is surely unforgivable


I had more than one poem I wanted to share, I wrote a few today woot. I forgot my trash can at the recycle station today now I am out a trash can and they are weirdly expensive. I didn’t realize I had walked off without it till I was making dinner and went to throw something away and it wasn’t there (5-6 hours after I went to the recycle station mind you). Knowing me I probably just chucked it in with plastics lol. Life is extremely strange for me. This story has nothing to do with the poem just random sharing.