Wordle #39 “Gold”

Wordle 39 Dec. 15

The clock skims

My anonymous chantage,

A stilettoed ghost branding

My every scheme.

The envelope sets aloof

Misshapen and sealed

Discreet and emblematic

A stunning contradiction.


Beyond its sticky cervix

Your voice throbs,

Insistent as a scar

Beneath hooded eyes.

A brume of stanzas

Undresses those parts

So oft concealed

A heart, a womb, faces

Teeming in the river’s mouth.


A truce might silence

This rivalry.

But where is the fun in that?

In you alone I climax.

In you alone

The words gather.

Whatever alias I testify to

You manage to find

Within it a way to die,

A truth that cannot

Be shucked its fibrous cloak,

A truth more valuable than gold.


I decided to go back and do the one I missed during the move. My cold which had been quite mild, has gotten much worse.


Wordle #17 “Grudge”


I carry your grudge
As a locket
Attaching within
Linen portraits
Memories of armistice
When we lay aside
Our rivalries,
Our jealousies
Hours when we
Were more than
A weathered civility

But the gestures
Remain hollow
For you are not here
To observe
Their diligence
And I cannot acquit
Myself even in homage

A queer malady
This sentimentality
Sprouts up silver
Like numinous grains
That do not nourish
Just as ornaments
Do not truly
Define their seasons

I wish to recover
My composure
My knees which idle
As a vulture
Over dead things
But I want even more
Your mercy

This silence cannot
Be shattered
With a scream,
With fists,
Even a kiss
Could not steal
You from the grave

Wordle #3 Illusory


I carry your slouching sonnets

Inside my winsome capillaries

A carnival of contusions and dilations

An exhaustive obituary read

Cautiously over breakfast

As if the print were itself contagious

And given the lucidity of your influence

I might very well follow you


My larvate heart ejaculates in silk

Meanwhile the sun flickers piecemeal

Through an intervening storm

It’s not over, I still have books to write

And there’s still the city which

I refer to only in euphemism

I can’t begin to tell you all the ways

She has betrayed me

I exist within her now

A latent birth


For all the probing and tugging

You think I would have materialized

But I am as evasive as I ever was

I won’t wait up for you long

Lest your ghost overcome me

Prompt 45 Festering Jealousy


By: Sammy Slabbinck

Jealousy isn’t an emotion we like to discuss much less acknowledge but most of us have experienced it. We’ve been subjected to the jealousy of others and we’ve experienced the painful insecurities that engender it.

I don’t have siblings of my own but I was a little competitive with my closest cousins for some siblings rivalry can take a very dramatic/tragic turn. I had a friend who felt so inferior to her older sister that it destroyed her from the inside.

There is romantic jealousy sometimes based on actual events/behaviors sometimes completely irrational

Friends can experience jealousy and in adolescence competition over sexual and romantic interests is common.

Sometimes people idolize or obsess over a celebrity, authority, or popular person

Pageants and other types of competitions or sports are also something to consider

For this prompt feel free to write a fictional piece that way you can really exaggerate the experience


Santos, Cesar The Moth and The LampCesar Santos “The Moth and the Lamp”

A butterfly born

Likewise in eclipse


With the morning rise

Why can’t I taste

With impunity

The same pride?


In shadows a beauty

Unseen and misaligned


These jaundiced eyes drip

Do not speak

Of instinct

As if delirium

If I am mad

Then upon

My breath I vow

That you

Suffer decorously

But suffer



Why must I abide

In darkness?

An anathema

This rivalry

This bias

That forbids



Say that you

Do not understand me

For are we not all

To some archetype


Do we not all

Seek that which we

Perceive deficient?


For Magpie Tales

Tortoise confesses his feelings?!


“Ira is correct I have no experience with romantic things…my parents love each other but I do not think it was always the case…not in the beginning at least…they were so young and strangers besides…what they have now…well I have a good idea what a marriage should look like…enough to know quite plainly what I want for myself…” Willa said her voice showing a determination that her eyes could not match. She couldn’t yet bring herself to look at Aurelian for her embarrassment had not passed. “I am plain and from a kingdom of modest wealth…I have never had a suitor… and truthfully I don’t think I should mind ruling the kingdom alone but mother says that it is unheard of… “ The girl said not concealing her exasperation. “The kingdom aside…if I found a man who captivated my heart…then I should like to marry and have children….” She looked up smiling softly, though her eyes were demurring to the left. “I do not find you unsuitable Aurelian…you meet all the superficial criteria…which is not to suggest that you are superficial of course it is only that I do not know your heart…you do not appear to be hiding anything from me…so I think I should come to know you well in time…you are very charming but if you wish to court me properly then you will have to speak with my father…” She answered letting out a long exhale as if to suggest she had not been breathing throughout her pressured speech.


“I will meet your father then and announce my intentions…though I am surprised to hear that you have no other suitors…” Aurelian started but tortoise coughed so that he might speak. “The Princess has another suitor…he has not…well he just hasn’t worked out how to announce himself yet…” Ira said clearly uncomfortable with the subject for he had run his hands twice now through his unnaturally thick hair, causing it to stand on end. “Oh…and who might that be?” Aurelian asked eyes trained on Ira with an unyielding intensity. “Who is it Ira? I should like to know as well…” Willa asked watching the young guardian with a gentle but no less direct interest. “It’s ummm…you know…you know him rather well Princess…he is not a prince but he does have royal blood…he is loyal and…” The poor man was red-faced and beginning to ramble. “Is that man you?” Aurelian offered helpfully despite how amusing it was to watch the tortoise struggling for words. “Have you no manners? I was getting to that…well there you have it Princess…I was planning to discuss it with your father but I wanted to ask your permission first…only I couldn’t find the right timing…” He said perfect posture deflating visibly. Perhaps he shouldn’t have brought it up? Maybe it was too soon? But if he said nothing Willa would be married off to the wolf in no time. Her parents were so anxious that she should marry while she was still young.


“I really had no idea but then again you are a very difficult man to read…especially as a tortoise…I cannot even tell when you are serious or joking…but I do not dislike that about you…” Willa said favoring Ira with a playful smile, though her heart was now as white water, swept into a state of raw helpless panic. “Then you will speak with father as well…you have my permission to do so…yes he will sort out a sensible plan…” The girl nodded stuffing bread into her mouth so that she might shut herself up lest she too start rambling. Among them it seemed only Aurelian was at ease for he was neither shy nor inexperienced. “Let us finish eating and get moving…we have a lot of walking yet…and there is so much I would like to see…” She said between bites. “Of course…” The wolf agreed looking not at the girl but at the tortoise. How much trouble would this present? Was tortoise an obstacle at all? Perhaps Willa regarded him only as a friend? Nice guys were often overlooked but then again the Princess was not quite like other girls. No he could not underestimate Ira.  Princess  Willa would belong to him, he’d find a way.


The rest of the journey Ira was painfully embarrassed, he could not even be addressed without jumping. Willa too was out of sorts but she made every effort to engage the men in small talk and took every opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation for her surroundings as well as for her companions. Aurelian on the other hand was especially courteous and charming even tortoise was occasionally taken in by his quick wit and intellect. Tortoise wanted only for Willa’s happiness and he thought if this wolf man could ensure her a good life was he really so egocentric as to deny her? Yet the more he thought of this the more he realized that he wanted to be the man to make her happy. He loved her, had come to know of his love three years ago when he was himself sixteen. No perhaps he had loved her from the very beginning but had simply been too young to name his feelings. That Aurelian might be taken with Willa did not appear strange to him for he did not see the Princess as plain, he had always thought her beautiful, and in regards to personality she was wonderful, any man would be lucky to garner her favor. Yet he did not see the wolf as a man in love, he was simply too collected, too smooth, too suspicious. Was Willa but a piece on a chessboard? Part of some political scheme? Or was it vengeance the silver-haired Adonis sought, vengeance for his murdered comrades?


When they arrived at the edge of the palace gardens the sky was blooming violently into prisms of whimsical colors. “I will come again in four days…to the palace directly to met with your father…” Aurelian said leaning forward he pressed his lips to the girl’s cheek, his hand briefly claiming hers. Ira noted the Princess’s squeamish delight and knew that he must announce his intentions tonight. He had four days to spend with the Princess and he hoped that she would not think of the wolf but of him as he was now, as a man. “Farewell Willa…I will think of nothing but you…” The wolf said and even though he was soon gone Willa remained looking after him.


“You surprised me tonight Ira…I am so sorry that I did not notice sooner…I have made you to suffer…” Willa said turning to her guardian now that Aurelian was out of sight. “I haven’t suffered…in your company how could I?” He said looking to the side, jaw tense from nervousness no doubt. “I hid my feelings from you…and I have almost no facial expressions in my other form…so how could you possibly be expected to know…I should have told you but I thought it might make you uncomfortable…” He admitted and Willa laughed. “Oh it does make me uncomfortable Ira…when I think of all those times that I cried in front of you….the tantrum when father wouldn’t let me travel with him to Arborea…oh and those dreadful poems I used to write and have you read…and there are too many embarrassing things to think about….” She said clutching at her reassembled skirts. “A husband would see all those things Willa…it is precisely because I have seen you…that I know what it really means to love you….” He said and the Princess thought this to be very sweet but the admission was too much for Ira.


“Oh Ira? What has happened to you? Has your magic worn off?” She asked picking up the pint-sized reptile as he was attempting to “run” away. “Why are you so small? How can you say such beautiful things and then turn into a tortoise…it’s not fair…” She held him knowing he would not speak anymore no matter how she pleaded with him (could not at this size). Carrying the bags and the squirming reptile she entered the house greeted but not impeded by a curious staff. “I am going leave you in your room…okay? I will have the maid send your dinner…I’ll make sure she gives you some extra strawberries tonight…does that sound good?”



You are the black moon calling

The impendence of night

Darkness uncompromising

I have seen your blood-torn rage

The way it desecrates

The holiness within


You were a man once

But longing has left

You derelict

Fastened by grief

I have seen her eyes

Reflected in your hysteria


You hold me

In the place of love

And beneath you

I am unmade

Recast in her image

But never the same

Barely even a reprieve

In your malaise


We will never be wed

Except through pain

Every night

I catch you

At the window

Haunted by what if


She waits

In your shadow

Seeking forgiveness

Yet you do not absolve

No matter the casualties

I know that

She will remain

Between worlds


And I, in her semblance

Mortally bound


We suffer the avarice

Of your half lives

Draped in shadows

I know that you will

Wait indefinitely