Wordle #60 “Vellichor”

Week 60

I am predisposed to vellichor,

The musk of a parted classic

Draped over my pinioned knees.

The worn corduroy sheath

Of a chair slanting, pre-collapse

And the intricate bombinations

Of my heart impinged

On a succulent spine.

I run my fingers through

The bristling pages,

Fingers peeling the dire light

From the end of a primordial tunnel.

Another set of eyes screwed

Into my convalescing orbits.

The moon overhead tipped

Like a ceramic teacup

To the crescent of my smile.

I smooth the dog-eared pages

Tucking my imaginings

Into the inorganic husk

Of another poet’s animus.




Day 11 Blog Challenge: 15 Things You Love

Candice and Sam

Falling asleep in Sam’s arms
Isadora’s laughter
Eating candy and watching anime with the hubster at the end of the day
Sushi (right now I am crazy about the Boston Roll)
Trees I love taking walks, just being near nature really lifts my moods
Writing poetry in the early morning when its quiet (this is so rare but so precious)
Ben and Jerry’s icecream haha
Eating Sam’s home-cooked meals, he is really an incredible cook
Dancing like mad with Isadora
Crawling into a comfy bed when I am really tired
Trying out a new workout video
Eating fruit that I have picked (my in-laws grow some fruit at their summerhouse)
Reading something brilliant that moves me
Planescape Torment not just the game but the philosophies, the world, the characters everything
Buying clothes for Isadora (its just more fun to shop for her than myself she’s so cute lol)


(old picture of me and Sam for our 20s)