The Transcendent Order (snippets)

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What is happiness to the savage

Who knows naught but being?

To the savage

Who does not question his purpose

But lives each moment

As if it were singular, sacred



A man who understands

The worth of his life

Is a man who does not question

The worth of his being

Because his hands and heart

Are sincere in their occupations



Do not speak of becoming

Do not speak wastefully

Act only as your soul compels



By our very composition

We belong

Elemental, inseparable,

We our not isolated

Within an unsparing universe

We are as one


I have been down on myself lately so I thought I could use a little philosophy. This comes to you from The Transcendent Order, it is one of the philosophical factions in Planescape Torment, I get the impression that the beliefs are much derived from  Zen Buddhism and Taoism. I am compelled to write and I feel that it is my purpose though I have so much doubt about my ability, Putting those doubts aside I am just going to write as my soul compels lol Maybe my writing will touch another person someday =)  I love philosophy haha