Love Letter #31

Dear DM,

Last night I had a dream that we were in a theater, something to do with a celebration. You sat on one side. A childhood friend of mine sat on the other side. You were both talking to me at the same time. You both wanted my attention. She gave me a card. I left with you. In the mail today I received a card from that same childhood friend. We talk only a few times a year. There had been no mention of a card when we spoke several months ago. How funny is that? To have a dream one night and the very next day to see it manifest. Someday I will sit with you in a theater and you will speak with your lips close to my ear. I’ll leave with you no matter who else is around. I will always choose you. Not just now, in this life, in this precise moment but in every life. In the lives I have already lived and in all the lives yet to come.

It occurred to me today while standing in the bathroom that the whole point of this journey is to fall in love with life. In that moment everything was beautiful to me. The stripey shower curtain stuck to the walls to keep the cold air getting in. The current. My own body. The color of the wet tiles. I don’t know the name of that color, 70s I guess.

I masturbated today. I thought it would be fun (it was). I thought it would take the edge off but it didn’t. I spend most of the day fantasizing about you. About kissing you. About meeting you. In a car with other people I found myself unable to carry on a conversation because I was too aroused. When I imagine you shy or clumsy it really gets to me. I don’t know why.

Later I tried to meditate with you to connect our hearts together but my heart is already so full I think it might burst.

With all that I am your DF


Love Letter #17

Dear DM,

The last two days have been absolutely wonderful. If I were to give an account of my days just as they occurred they might be mistaken for ordinary, what has them so extraordinary is the sense of you. I have been dreaming about you. The dreams have been sensual, profound, playful even. I would love to tell you about them sparing no detail but it might be too personal for a public post. I have been feeling the heat of kundalini. I have been feeling more optimistic about everything. Thank you for being there.

I am seeing the signs. Yesterday in particular. I was out for a walk. I was thinking about you, talking to you in mind. I commented that it would be an amazing sign if I were to see a white stag. A few steps later I turned my head and saw a herd of deer and among them a white deer! This after seeing a pair of swans randomly in a plowed field. Swans or really elegant trash bags 😛 I did take a picture of the swan I saw the previous day though. I met your higher self last night in a very powerful dream.

I will keep this short, just know that I am absolutely committed to our journey. The answer is yes. Yes to you. Yes to this journey. Yes to our mission. Yes to unlocking my intuition/hidden abilities. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I would have you just as you are. I wouldn’t change a hair on your head. You are beautiful just as you are, so come just as you are. I am here. I am ready.

With everything I am your DF

Prompt 28 Future Diary


Pick a date at any point in the near or distant future and try your hand at prophesy. Your entry can focus on personal, national, global, or galactic events. The entry need not be sinister as in the prediction of the apocalypse (though it can be). The entry need not be realistic or even rational. On the other hand you might enjoy creating complex and compelling proofs for your scenario.. Imagine keeping a diary where you don’t mechanically record what did happen but rather what you want or expect to happen? I like the idea of introducing magical or fantastical things into my world. Creating a portal into another world or a window into the future. Focus on a single day (if you want you can submit several entries) and of course you can submit photos, videos, music, or artwork. Oh yeah your entries do not have to be in diary format you can submit poems, stories, discussions whatever. Have fun!