Wordle #4 “Abolish”


My soul as aluminium foil seams

A hateful sphere, a crushed mirror

Held together with blood and plaque


Your existential fist tightens

All is fair in pursuit and all consumed

I ignored the usual warnings

The steam rising from your teeth

As if the smile were straining

Against congenital malediction

You who are so much like your father

The same salivary love for poisons

The same furrow in a brow too heathen

To articulate tenderness

It is as if your lips were a bellows

Feeding the great furnace beyond

With accusations too cruel to snuff


Love is a stairwell, an empty avenue

Brimming with ghastly pink lights

Like the vacant eyes of albino rabbits

Alone more now than ever I was before

You have made it so, taken the self

From within my private identity

I have nothing now but lyrics

Rainless storms disjointing dwindling seas

I have no tears left to abolish

I have spent them all and still I am not free


Tale Weaver’s Prompt #2 Guessing Game


I taste of the earth

Of damp root cellars

And obsolete wombs

Petrified and crisp

My juice wilts the palate

I appear bedeviled

As a shrunken head

With tufts of red-ribboned leaves

And a root that looks

Like a proboscis

I am hard and maternal

Like the cast of a woman’s breast

I am as common as wine

And can be used to make

A spirit comparable to port

I am a gem in vagabond stitch

Staining fingers and lips claret

As if the aftermath

Of a carnvirous feast

I can summon

Love from hearts

As bitter and laminate

As an unripened pomelo

I am a Goddess

A poor man’s dinner

A selection of mummified testicles

An asymmetrical top

That wobbles and rolls

But cannot fluently spin

I am a crouching Buddha

A farmer’s oyster

A clod of dirt best served

With ham and Dijon mustard

I am the neglected fountain

Of a poorly-expressed youth

I am a runner’s anodyne

I am the celestial pulse

Of a poetical sphere

I am the mighty,

I am the beet


I have never written a poem about a vegetable before lol I fear I’ve not done a very good job of it either. Could you guess which vegetable I was referring too? I refereed to beets as the poor man’s oyster because they also effect the libido and are said to work like Viagra. Beets improve stamina and reduce blood pressure hence the reference to the runner. There is also a myth that says if a man and woman share the same beet they will fall in love. I think I was supposed to write a tale but I wrote a poem. This is not part of the 33 autobiographical poems I wish to write beets do not figure that strongly into my life lol


This was written for

Tale Weaver’s Prompt 

Wordle #2 Darker


Tomoki Hayasaka

There is only this moment

Headlights and horns blaring

Moonskin eyes sere and cavernous

Knuckles tense and gutless

Like the womb of a prepared fish


The scarf around my neck

Sticks in the axle of your left wheel

That queer oscillating grimace

Vital to the propulsion

Of your defecting asylum


We gather feathers and rifts

Powered Juniper wishes

Which disintegrate between

Our intimating and indulgent lips


Why must we speak of misery

As if a sacred elixir brewed

By our ancestors and given in infancy?

As if it were the primary ingredient

Of our cellular composition

Like hemoglobin only darker 

Where’s the prompt?


Encase you missed the announcements. I have started a prompt site!

Which you can find here


Rather than have 1 weekly prompt. I now have a prompt for every day of the week! I have even brought in some talented writers to help with both hosting and managing the site. Everyone is welcome to participate. There are no obligations/requirements. Pick and choose the prompts that intrigue you. The time limit for each prompt is 1 week but you know me even if you posted late I would still read and comment to your entry.

Here’s the schedule

Monday- Wordle (hosted by Yves)

Tuesday- Photo Prompt (hosted by Yves)

Wednesday- Haiku/Tanka (hosted by Anmol)

Thursday- Short Stories (hosted by Oloriel)

Friday- Fairytales (hosted by Anja)

Saturday- Shadorma (hosted by Bastet)

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Prompt 48 Escalating Humiliation


Brooke Shaden

This week’s prompt is An Escalating Humiliation

I am going to share a personal story by way of example but you do not have to write about my experience. I would rather you write about your personal experiences with embarrassment. You say something foolish and when trying to regain dignity/composure you end up making things worse. This is something I feel we can all relate to. You don’t have to write nonfiction. I understand that for some this topic might be too painful.

When I was a child I wanted to be a singer. I was quite the little mimic and I was able to adopt a satisfactory speaking voice from a Hollywood actress but I could not emulate singing voices. I had a knack for remembering songs and intuiting lyrics but my singing was comically robotic. No matter how hard I tried to let go I just couldn’t produce human emotion. I practiced daily, rigorously and like most children in the pursuit of a dream I didn’t consider proclivity. I figured I just had to do and it would happen. In the 3rd grade my drama/music class held auditions for the school play. Everyone would participate but you had to try out for the lead singing roles. My decision was totally impromptu the teacher asked “Who wants to sing?” and my hand shot up. Now normally I could remember the lyrics but even with them in front of me I couldn’t “remember” them at all. The class was already giggling before I even opened my mouth (which took quite a long time for me to do). When I started to sing it was much worse, my little robotic voice forcing its way over the laughter and jeers of my classmates. The teacher told me I could stop but no apparently I couldn’t I had to finish out the song. That was bad enough of course but the teacher pulled me to the side after and told me she was going to put me in the very back of the chorus and instructed me to lip synch the whole performance. I was never allowed to sing in class again! I was also forbidden to participate in PE because of my poor coordination (didn’t I need PE to help that?).

Prompt 47 Street Art


Jeff Soto

Today’s prompt is an intermission. As some of you may recall we were doing a series of 20 prompts. The series was designed to assist in story-writing. At present we only have one person writing a story but that’s okay because as I mentioned at the beginning you could treat each prompt individually just as we have always done. We have (if I counted properly) 9 prompts left in the series. At the end of the series Prompt will of course continue so no worries!

Today’s prompt is Graffiti/Street Art. Your job is to go outside and take a picture for inspiration. I don’t care if you take images of statues, city murals, children’s sidewalk drawings, graffiti, or whatever. You can stop with the image if you are an artist or photographer but if you are a writer then write what the piece makes you feel. From my post you will see I didn’t write a poem about street art in general I used the words as a prompt, so everyone’s entry will likely be very different this time.  I have your back if you couldn’t get out Isadora has taken photos for you! Yep the numbered ones are hers except the angel which I took and the saint and bunnies which Sam took. There isn’t so much interesting graffiti in my area and we were limited to a certain area since I was on foot with a 6 year old haha. I have named the photos 1-20 that way you can easily identify which photo you have used. You are free to share the photos on your blog. You are also free to modify the photo(s) in whatever way you see fit. You do not have to post the photograph with your prompt if you’ve used one of mine just specify which one somewhere in the post.

There was one image we couldn’t take at her elementary school written on one of the buildings is “Dead Angels” The text is very faded but the words really stood out to me. You are free to use this also.

Pictures found here


Mister Linky Here

Prompt 46 Bitter Loathing


This week’s prompt is bitter loathing. Know anyone who cannot let go of a grudge? Who continues to hate and behave hatefully? Who remains consumed/obsessed with a specific person and/or specific event? Have you found there is someone that even after years you still cannot forgive? A person that brings out the worst in you? A relationship that even if long extinguished leaves the taste of grapefruit in your mouth?

Prompt 45 Festering Jealousy


By: Sammy Slabbinck

Jealousy isn’t an emotion we like to discuss much less acknowledge but most of us have experienced it. We’ve been subjected to the jealousy of others and we’ve experienced the painful insecurities that engender it.

I don’t have siblings of my own but I was a little competitive with my closest cousins for some siblings rivalry can take a very dramatic/tragic turn. I had a friend who felt so inferior to her older sister that it destroyed her from the inside.

There is romantic jealousy sometimes based on actual events/behaviors sometimes completely irrational

Friends can experience jealousy and in adolescence competition over sexual and romantic interests is common.

Sometimes people idolize or obsess over a celebrity, authority, or popular person

Pageants and other types of competitions or sports are also something to consider

For this prompt feel free to write a fictional piece that way you can really exaggerate the experience

Prompt 44 Immobilizing Paronoia

caras-1Caras Ionut

This week’s prompt is immobilizing paranoia. Having Social Anxiety Disorder I am entirely too familiar with this state. It starts innocuously enough with me glamorizing an impending social event. I always imagine it going well with me having various opportunities to “impress” and/or “connect”. When my imagination takes a supernatural and/or heroic turn I try to ground myself with more realistic depictions. My rehearsals invariably take a negative turn where I envision vivid rejection scenarios. Hurt by the rejection I become angry. I haven’t even stepped foot outside my house and I am screaming and in tears. The person is obviously a monster who delights in torturing me! Why else would they invite me out only to reject and humiliate me?! It’s no wonder that after a few hours or days of this I become so terrified of the impending engagement that I cancel my plans altogether. This doesn’t just happen when meeting friends or potential friends. I get equally worked up at the prospect of meeting family and healthcare professionals. Even talking to my mom on Skype is an agonizing prospect as I imagine her asking questions I’d rather not answer (How much do you weigh? Is a question she seems to prioritize over How are you? Perhaps they are synonymous?). Though I am getting a little bit better at managing these self-defeating and offensive thoughts I still retain that sense of overwhelming anxiety (sometimes conversely I am socially engaging and confident but that is rare mode indeed haha). I associate this feeling with the fear of failure/rejection and I think most of can relate to that fear. I also think many of us have let a fear get the better of us. Substance abuse can also induce paranoia as can mental and physical illnesses. (8)