Two Poems (Apostate and Casanova’s Revenge)



Your words are unpalatable

Formidable, they reduce me

My watery blood still tastes of

Sin, of metal bars withdrawing

Decadence. I am neither free of nor

Impervious to the sting of your

Liturgical guilt. The mere acquisition

Of this human shell makes me a thief,

An apostate composed of calcified

Rinds and entropic sweetness, I am

Inscrutable, I am wicked, I am man


Casanova’s Revenge

My harem lies beyond this fence.

The hexagonal walls of a basal

Captivity separate me from those

Hens which are mine alone to

Misuse. I know the grass to be

Sweeter on the other side, for

There lies the culmination of my

Libidinous expectations of my

Impending conquests. Do you

Not see their eyes upon me?

Their insatiable desire as they

Thrash their heads upon the

Ground in gluttonous frenzy


I do not envy the farmer, that

Ice-handed murderess whom

He calls wife or lord, the way

He demures to her wishes, to

Her puritanical affectations I

Pity him that shrill triumphant

Voice of hers as she goes about

The farm snipping, emasculating

Imagine what he endures behind

Closed doors, I shudder to think


She would deny me of my precious

Juliettes of my blue-laced beauties

Of the very execution of those

Biological imperatives to which males

Are by their very nature subservient

I will make her suffer, her blood will

Curdle at the articulation of my wrath

I will cock-a-doodle-do through the

Kindling of stars with teeth-shattering

Amplitude, so long as my bed remains

Empty hers shall remain sleepless!


(The second one I was being silly, I have an inner ear problem which is making me extremely dizzy, disoriented and causing me to lean and walk constantly to the right so if I seem off, I am off, to the right haha)


Morality Haiku



Ambitions misplaced

His stone dragon eyes pursue

Only destruction



Seething anthracite,

Netherworld conduits, his eyes

Possess and consume


Crooked smile groping

For souls, his tongue could strip

The flesh off a lemon

Original Sin

Lured astray to feed

Of his polymorphous fruit

Remorseful lips sour


Lashes drawn like blinds

Palms pressed, speak sincerely and

You will be forgiven


Makoto no kokoro

Truth exists within.

Ethics based on awareness

Of heart, do not stray


Man is not wicked

By design, rooted in love

All hearts are divine


(the last 3 represent my own moral leanings)

Submission for

Haiku Heights