I reveal my secrets in jest

A theatrical wink,

A loose eyelash

A smile that does not fit my face

A smile capsized in a sea

Of sucrose and brimstone.

I might never know

This stranger of whom I speak,

This mannequin

Dressed in my valuables

Wielding my name.

I could spend my whole life

Exploring the dermis

Of this pitiful creature

Weaving my maps

Constructing my ruin

Amongst meaningless conquests

But what then

Would become of my heart?

However small,

However black,

However epic its thorns

It has a need,

A very human need

It requires a touch,

A hostage,

A moment

Without the pretense

Of shade.


Challenging day and I ran out of time for my poem

Locked In


Do I leave you bereft

Silent and intermittent

Like a blink?

When the darkness arrives

I step forward

Sleeves rolled to the elbows

Skin stained garnet

As congealed wine

And a heart wrapped

In cotton like an arrowhead

Or a child’s tooth


My desire is brutal

But inefficient

I cannot find in you

A vacancy

You’ve filled your mouth

With sweethearts

Every word perfect

And plump

Like a newborn baby

Only I can hear

The scream

Swelling behind

Your cloistered throat


Your tears are

The sweat of my labor

If I could freeze them

I’d fashion keys

To every door

You’ve ever passed through

Knowing that you’ve

Gone too deep

And locked yourself in


I was out most of the day family BBQ. I don’t think I have ever attempted to write a poem in such a short time frame and a hectic time at that so I apologize if this doesn’t make sense or if it seems incomplete

Say Hello


I stand here fractured

From womb to sternum

Whilst you sheath your hands

Inside chagrined pockets

We never touch on departure

So I say to you hello instead


I am a well. I runneth deep,

Open-mouthed, and thirsty

I watch you pass above

Grey-hued and capricious

Fill me with your bones

With the calcified lightening

Of your heavenly intentions

Leave me not the relic

Of an exiled civilization

Leave me not to wonder

At the quantity of your love

Say to me now, as always, hello