If I were the moon
would the wind carry your voice
as you lie savage and exposed
beneath my oscillating tides?



I have too much of the moon in me,

Her exposure elicits my cravings.

In order to subsist I must burn

Yet I cannot shake these doubts

That wear me down to ash.

My failures read without introduction.

I am lost, perhaps absent, certainly unwilling.

I am without consistency or echo.

When was the last time you had

A conversation that didn’t involve regurgitation?

When was the last time your eyes

Were regarded with certainty?

The wolves are tugging at my elbows.

There is no poultice that can soothe

My aggravation and no authority

That I have not assembled against.

Do not tell me why “should” or how “to”

Just let me live, a crumb bludgeoned

To perfection by a slick grey tongue.


Moon Balcony

The moon spars under a black tarp,

An abrasion of silver glinting

Like the chords of a severed chrysalis.

Who unzips you, fictitious sister?

Who exsanguinates your ripe heart

That each month you retreat

Behind a famished smile?

Is it either the favored sun

Or the red-faced warlord

Opposed by your sovereign?


I wrote several little poems yesterday on the bus. I will be pretty distracted the next two weeks. My national exam is coming up and well I have a lot going on at the moment.

The Chase

October Moon

October Moon Stepping Stones


I chase your lupine eyes into the moon,

Into the witch’s revolving hands

Which darken at times

As a water-lily in expiration.

Between motes of regolith

Your ether feigns hunger

I’ll die first or trying.


My fingers ghost your enigma

Plucking the seams of your seamless smile

I want to straddle your bones

In the light of a thousand fornicating fireflies

To be the man who doesn’t depart in dawning


I checked out a book on surreal poetry today and I just had to try writing something of my own =)



Eric Lacombe

I drank the silence

As carbon monoxide

Killing myself as surely

As if I’d brandished

A weapon.

Denial is not

A measure of peace

But the harbinger

Of an interminable war


My heart’s muffled chorus

Is as distant from me now

As a coyote’s domain is

From the apogee

Of its congenital muse


I cannot not reach her

Even in exploitation

For I have composed

Of her a goddess and forgotten

That she measures blood

Only in its propensity

To exacerbate pain


She, like her lunar sister

Is composed of regolith

(The residue of tears

Extinguished without profit)

She hangs sullen in my chest

Like a reading light

Casting discarnate tumors

Over every sliver

Of uncultivated flesh

A slave to munitions


And these words

No matter how

Beautiful or beastly

Will never express me

In my entirety

So I pick up the pen

And I make the first incision

Lifting mortality from my

Long-standing bones

Even if it takes a lifetime

I’ll free myself

These necrotizing customs


Despite being sick I thought I’d attempt a little something

Shepherd Senryu and Silver Senryu



He endears the light

Of a simpering Goddess

Through guileless slumber


You gather your heart,

A suitcase overflowing

With nomadic vows

North Star

You are Polaris

The light that welcomes me home

When all hope seems lost


Your thighs surrender

Silver and Dionysian

To a savage mouth

I seem to be headed for my seizure cycle again (seizures through the night), lost an entire 1 hour yesterday and was late getting Isadora from school. After the lost time I had a massive headache which I still have so this might be gibberish I can’t even tell.

Submission for

Haiku Heights



I keep thinking of your heart

Like the surface of the moon

Atramentous craters, surrounded

By a milk powder outline as if

You had resigned yourself to a

Prolonged infancy. Some days

You don’t even move, you just

Lie there gagging on the exhaust

Of retiring stars, frightened by

The finality of an articulated wish

Free Love



She arranges the doves nesting

In the folds of her paisley print skirt

Adjusts the daisy behind her left ear

And proffers an otherworldly smile

To every soul in want of intimacy


She is wild, lupine, endemic

Her pale thighs clutch my spine

As I accelerate her orbit

Around the moon