Nerveless in bondage

Your diminutive margins

Desecrate my heart


To circumvent change

You tether both root and limb

With wire-tongued critiques


Incubus (warning slightly explicit)


The moonlight slips unbidden into my womb

It was never my intention to serve him

Between us there is no love

Only the suspicious ache of a pernicious hunger


His insignia extends the length of my spinal column

My nerves remember what my eyes cannot conceive


In the same way that blood forges hope

By maintaining a predetermined course

He settles deviously on the chest

That the lungs may not drink enough

To arouse resistance


He is an intractable savant

The night is his emissary

His bastion as well

He drags his obsidian claws

Across my inner thighs

Thirsting the milk

Of an illegitimate desire


Being dreamless he depends solely

On artifice to communicate

It’s such an authentically human trait

To disguise through application

That one cannot but wonder

If he did not exist first as a man


Each night astounded by the realization

That one can be multi-orgasmic even in hell

I find my life force slipping like an exclamation


Influenced in style by Jim Carroll