Wordle #184

Week 174
You were the first
to send me to Windglum,
the first to growl in my ear,
the first to dampen my heart with kiss.
I loved you only so much as I was able,
which proved daunting and insufficient.

To what do I owe this abysmal fall?
Was it a word or a deed or an absence?
My breath sours as I speak.
I will not call to you in our native tongue
I will not flail or beg or commit
to another futile attempt at reconciliation.
You have gone off now like a comet
and though alone I am still only a harlequin.

(written in 2 minutes, my god I need to find some time to write)


Wordle #182

Week 182

You belong to the ether,
to memories eclipsed in saudade.
I cannot recover the incline of our journey
or the bittersweet implications
of your infinite meanings.

We were coruscant in our brevity,
a glitch in a continuum without fault.
I do not seek you out,
your extravagance, your fishnet tidings.
Time has rendered me lenient
and all that we were
is now alien and diffuse.

Whenever I see a field of tulips
I think of you,
how wild, how cultivated you were
as I remake you again and again
with varying inflections.

A very quick write before bed!

Wordle #290


Guide: Revenge is only a delusion. What has been done cannot be reversed, least of all with violence. Are you beast or man? Choose or be consumed.
Grieving Man: I mean not only to bruise his flesh but to splinter his psyche. I am entitled to blood.
Guide: Nothing entitles a man to murder. You will only rob the world of the man she loved.
Grieving Man: I will relish his death, this is my justice.
Guide: And who granted you this boon? This burden? Only fools play God. What you speak of is madness. Your grief is justified but your grief does not justify your current course of action.
Grieving Man: The moment of her death flashes before my eyes even as we speak. My heart brims with rage. I am only a man weak from suffering.
Guide: Then let her story serve as a warning, a reminder than one death does not erase another. Will you bathe her legacy in blood? Will you peel the soul from your body and crush hers with the weight of your sins?
Grieving Man: I have nothing left, my future is blank. I would that my heart too were blank.
Guide: Then you could never have loved her. Is that the world you wish to create? In such a world you could very well have killed her. Tell me would you knowingly become the object of your revenge?

Since I don’t usually write stories I don’t have much opportunity to write dialogue. When I saw the words though the scenario just made sense.



I pray for tears

Sparks of forgiveness


I find indifference

Baseless accusations


I dream of voracious desire

Endless nights


I receive broken promises

Haughty reproofs



I look into brilliant eyes

Filled with malice