Music Prompt #1 “Saint Lawrence River” and Wordle #143

The storm in my heart

Dissolves in yours.

How precious these words

Haunting our borders

Lifeless after impact.

The price was too high

My need too intermittent

To justify the litter

Of your exclusion.

Nothing illuminates

Like your smile.

Remote beneath my own

Impossibility succumbs

To conscious delusion

We can still belong

If only…

Behind the scenes

Our masks freeze

Into place and I wonder

What it would feel like

To become you

In the absence of self

We might succeed

One unholy entity

Purified by the pools

Swelling beneath

Your impassive eyes.



The subject matter is different but this is what came to me when listening to the song


Prompt #62 and Wordle #16



Ever taciturn,

Her lips denounce

The possibility between us

How capricious the light

In the presence of smoke

But the fire remains

Desperately auspicious


Her breath speaks of purity

And smells of exclusion

A subtle artifice her voice

Has no place in this world

Even less in my heart

Yet there it remains

A song intimated

But noiseless


She inhabits me

As a scofflaw

Furtive and castigating

She occupies me as resin

The very substance

Of a ravishing frisson

I know that we are destined

No matter how circuitous

The engagement


On Wednesday early in the morning I am leaving for Göteborg. We are going to visit Liseberg (it’s an amusement park). I will be back late Friday. I will not have internet access so I won’t be posting during that time and possibly not on Saturday either. I will miss you guys!


leonora-carrington-terra-papers-36Leonora Carrington

I do not wish to be your consort

Your protege, your unisex servant

I do not want to stand demure behind, beneath.

In all enticement a blackguard holds

Hostage the bastion of your heart

That I shall never know your face

As it appears before waking

Only the able smiles applied forthwith



While I Still Dream



Is a courtesan

Summoned nightly,

Arms twining around

A delicate neck,

I draw red wine lips

Against a paler flesh

Chasing amnesia,

In eyes as sensual

As cascading lilacs



With your smile

All I need

Is your belief,

Your soul


To nostalgic intimacy

Take me back

Before oblivion

Consumes our love,

Take me back

While I still dream



Beauty drifts

Across your eyes

Like a departing Geisha.

I have known happiness

In the alacrity

Of your fingertips lacing

Vulnerability and ecstasy


I watch

Your hair spilling

From the twilight

Like a nocturne

I press my lips

To its redolent shadows

And pray

The truth is not mine

But if you would,

Your essence favor,

I would drain

The lye from your veins


Immaculate in toxicity

You leech from my flesh

All good intention

I quest for that which

My lips can find

For overexposed dendrites

And tremulous nerves

I want to know and endow

Every inch of you



My veins are too blue

To articulate the fire

That weeps inside of

My onerous pulse

I am, because you are

Sublimity, in a world

Too busy embellishing

Idols to recognize

The allure

Of a sincere heart


I have finished the remaining installments of Polarity but I need more time to proofread

Eat Sleep Breathe


The smell of rain

Precedes you

To own my persuasion

Would be to shelter defeat

I cannot abide you

Knowing the pulse

That stirs your heart

Pauses for no one


Password protected,

My smile, undulates

Every time you enter

The room

Please don’t perceive me

Haunting you

Leave me

To these

Illicit impressions

My lips against

Your possibility





Always impoverish

My advance

Without you

I lose the will

To surface

Each morning


My avoidant frown


Amputates conversation

I won’t let you in

And as long as the sun

Goes on rising

I’ll carry you


On tip of my tongue


But never



My poem Apostate was published here

Half Life

half life2

I have never known

A joy like that which ignites

Behind a sealed door


Though you wear many veils

I have seen your likeness

A thousand times


How I wish that my life

Were a reflection

Of the unseen

For I will never mean

Half as much as you

Have meant to me


Face to face with you

All I see is my absence

My lips are a tourniquet

Behind which all feelings

Are remorsefully locked

I will not speak to you

Lest you undue

The fantasy I have

So cautiously wrought