Sunday Confessionals : Answers

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Implacably Human

The dawn settles

pensive and oyster-shell pink

into the stinging arms

of another edge-less morning.

Each day I wake up

drifting from one

dream to another,

transparent and ubiquitous

like a jellyfish.

It was the lies

that caused the breach

not what those lies

sought to obfuscate.

It is always the lies

but no one gets that

they think

trust is lost

in the imperfections,

in the momentary cruelties.

We all lie.

When I say

I am certain

that is always a lie

because I never am.

I don’t know

means more

than pity anyhow.

I don’t know

is implacably human.


I want to hear

nice things.

I want to be

spoken to the way

a child speaks

when blowing off

the head of a dandelion.

I want the dusk

delicate and womb soft

to envelop me

but mostly it is the moon

that I want

tremulous, pock-marked, inconstant

to fill me

with her mournful, pink cries.


Mask Snippets



I wanted so much

To dismiss you

To avoid the regret

Of my heart crushed

Under the weight

Of your fictitious organs


I could never

Fit inside of you

A closet locked

From the inside

And I

Feared the prayers

That if answered,

Would grant me




My aorta feeds

Directly into your ego

I habituate my dialogue

To your paranoia

A stranger

Growing stranger

And stranger with time

I cover the mirrors

Denying the occupancy

Of these impassive features

To my dynamic infrastructure


A reliable suicide

A cocoon of denial


By an autonomous pen

A hand-drawn mask

Lies or does it?

Don’t our defenses

Say just as much

About who we are

As our face unframed?


Is it insignificance

That I fear

The possibility

That the face behind

A well-placed mask

Is nameless

Remarkable only

In absence


Human or beast

It makes no difference

The greater the intellect

The more pervasive

The needs

And sometimes

The instinct

To survive

Is the instinct

That kills


I have a mad case of chaos head so my thoughts are all over the place