Between Notes

Slivered and incandescent
our eyes redefine
each other in darkness.
A fragile, hungry darkness
that quickens the pulse.
Your posture speaks
of predation and surrender.

You drag me forward
and I have never possessed
my body more completely
then I do now suspended
in the tether of your arms.

The weight of your smile
in descent is sufficient
to keep me in place.
I have forgotten
how to breathe
between the notes.

My words have lost their shape
and I think as I feed them to you
that more syllables would
only confuse the sentiment.
The heart knows what it knows.

I am cacophonous, drowning,
at the insistence
of a shared pulse.
I am drowning
with our lips sealed together
and our tongues touching.
I am gathering your clothes
in my fingers in the hopes
of burying myself face down
in the warmth of your skin.




Naldz Graphics

If only I could live in the consent

Of your exhale extending

Endlessly into confined space


Sorry for the short quick poems lately I have been very busy



timthumb.phpArt By: Ines Honfi

You drifted into my heart

Like a secret

Like the rain sobbing softly

On an otherwise vacant day

I would never knowingly

Refute love but then again

How was I to perceive

Your intrusion

When advancement

So oft signifies war?



I held you


Between the furrows

Of disdainfully drawn brows

You held

Against your lips,

The pale veins,

Of a reticent fist

My heart rose

Red and indignant

Yours like the sudden growl

Of advancing thunder


Against the dissuasion

Of retreating hips

You managed still

To swallow, consummately,

My breath

In every moment since

I have adorned you,

In every drop of blood,

In every cell,

In every cloud

Above which dreams

Are childishly kept



Ribs drawn taunt like a corset

I listen to your breathy voice

And your heart on the

Verge of collapse.


Flesh from language

I watch your cupid’s pout

Inching toward my chastity


Two days hardly any sleep sorry I wasn’t able to offer anything better for today! I could not find an image that satisfied me either

Milk Thistle


The burlesque sky fades to a

Censured black at the height

Of exposure, words meaningless

On contact. Your breath is hungry,

Implicit, fireless without oxygen

You mean to devour. Your mouth falls

Over mine like a blanket. My scorched

Smile trembles. In your presence my

Lungs ache, stricken by the intensity of

Your marrow-stripping eyes. I love the

Way you diminish me, the way you reduce

Me to volcanic ash, your fingertips spark,

Incite the growl of a primordial awakening,


I am organic, you are spurious, a

Haunting distortion of all that is

Human or humane, you possess me,

Drink the rose from my flesh, leave

Me pale and wasted, you’re volatile

And elusive, I watch you extract

Milk from the mercy of our joined

Souls, pure and white like forgiveness


You slide the grievous flesh away, we’re

Deeper than pretense, deeper than a

Conscientiously arranged corporeal

Syllabary, more abstract than beauty

I like the way you suffocate me, deny,

Through excessive generosity, overrun

My neural highways with your wild lilac

Eccentricities. In your stratosphere, I am

Inching ever closer to ignition, ever closer

To those stars, those muses whose selfless

Sacrifices originate me, you connect me to

That which I would deny, to a world not

Carried on my slopping shoulders, to a world

Not bound or barred by self-hatred. Some

Days I catch myself awake, a wind-adorned

Thistle healing within and without, I touch

The world that you have laid before me naked

And imperfect, the curious evolution of my pain,

Of my seismic denial, sliding into my eager

Mouth like a communion wafer, love tastes like

Nothing, like air, like freedom, spacious, you fill me


Lots of seizures lately which means I am not writing with the use of my brain. I am just plucking debris from outer-space!

I did a reading (the vacuum cleaner sound is only my laptop struggling) I am so tired I probably sound like I am partially stoned lol