A half sigh of relief

Yesterday was the day, the day I have been dreading for two weeks now. First off I met with my caseworker at the Unemployment Office for a job training interview. I think it went as well as it could go. If I get the job my hours would be irregular. I might work 8 hours one day, be off 2 days, and then work 4 hours. I would be paired with another worker and together we would be cleaning elderly people’s homes. One day might be as simple as cleaning a bathroom, the next cleaning up after a move. The main issue to getting this job is that when no cleaning jobs are available the worker’s sew in order to make up their hours. I can’t sew and I mean not even a button on a shirt and I suck with scissors. I have never even used a sewing machine. Sam is going to train me a little at home beforehand so I won’t be starting from scratch (I mean I will but let’s face it I am below scratch now). I might not even get the job but there isn’t any harm in learning to sew either way. I won’t know anything for 2 weeks.

I also went to the Gynecologist today which is an unpleasant experience. I saw a nurse, my appointment was all of 10 minutes, so no time for questions or to discuss the surgery I had in August. Basically they wanted to check if they had gotten all the abnormal cells. Obviously I don’t know the results yet but I have found the Swedish health care system very uninformative in general. They will send a letter that either says everything was Normal or the results were Abnormal come in for surgery (there is no discussion). I have no idea what degree of dysplasia they found before. I have no idea how serious or how minor the findings were They didn’t do blood work and they didn’t remove much (unlike the first time where they removed quite a lot). Anyhow I have to come in again on Feb. 10th for a breast exam. I have fibrocystic breasts. I actually have multiple sized bras because sometimes I can gain a cup from swelling and cysts, seriously. My breasts hurt all the time, always have done and with so many lumps in there already it can be a little complicated. Lately though my left breast has been weird. It started with a cyst under the nipple, rather large and in general more noticeable. The cyst is gone now. But that same breast has been itchy and Sam noticed some clear discharge from the nipple. That concerned me because I have never had discharge from my breast ever. The breast looks the same though, the nipple everything it looks perfectly normal but still I think I ought to go in have it checked out. I am quite nervous really. I get very nervous when it concerns my lady parts more so than with other things, I guess it makes me feel very vulnerable.


Prompt 37 Unavoidable Pain

unavoidableThis week’s prompt is one of a series I have planned but no worries I will not be asking you to produce a cohesive story/novel utilizing the prompts. If, however, you would like to use the prompts to create a story please feel free to do so. There will be 20 prompts in this series (including this one). As always I accept all forms of self-expression (photographs, stories, poetry, artwork, videos, music etc.). There is no length restriction on your entries and no need to censor on my account (provide warnings at your own discretion).


Some examples of unavoidable pain which you are absolutely free to use

Taking up exercise

Medical procedures


Rescue efforts (ever hurled yourself in the path of a moving object to save someone?)

Job interviews

Raising children

Finding love

Pursuing dreams