Wordle 193


Brenda Warren

If I ingest enough wind

Will my heart chime?

Your arrival escapes me with a sigh.

I chase loose strands

With coquettish laughter

Wondering at the plains

Of your bare-skinned chest.

Even a stray may seek respite

Against a willing partner.

I harbor your silence

With restrained presentiment.

A pale hand thrust forth

LikeĀ a breakwater.

Let me dream a little more

Alone, with only nuance to govern.

There is nothing yet

To sequester my gluttony.

I wish that I were holy.

I wish that you were my first scar

And not the final molten quill

In a universal quest for light.

(3 tests this week, practicing for the National exam I am brain dead)



Dandelion Globe With SeedsDandelion puffs consolidate

On tempestuous currents

These charlatan clouds

Dispensing expectation


Dangerous are the angles

That disengage flight

One must remain round

To sustain buoyancy


My wings are tender

From too much sunshine

The intimidation of fame

Can be hard to overcome

Will I remain intact?

Are do the best dreams

Harbor the darkest days?