Wordle #69

Week 69

Your sluggish sockets tiptoe

Across the flagstones.

Face-down, tongue wadded

At the cusp of speech.

Your chitin flakes,

Messages ill-intended seep

Into your heart’s binary call.

Cruelty breaches and sickens.

Your jaundiced ego

Shrivels on the stalk.

Emanations carmine and ash

Drip from the bubbling curdle

Of your untenanted smile.

The hours reveal days

And even the day are long

When all that proceeds

Them is humiliation.





My veins

Are contentious


They dissect

Me into

Indefensible palates

My essence is pink

Like humiliation

The elements

Uncloak me

The saturated kiss

Of Autumn

Tangled with

Wintry intimations

I bury myself

In a wool coat

Eyes slick

As the sidewalk

On which





You are as cruel as thunder

A warning without

The requisite predation


I watch your lips tighten slowly

As you draw the air steadily

From my expectant womb


In your vacancy

I can divine no mercy

Only your deferential smile

In mutiny of my resolve


Long after your departure

I remain, sleeves torn in frustration

Heart relentless in the pursuit

Of aperture