Wordle 40 “Bankrupt”

Wordle 40 Dec. 22

The sun shrinks,


Like a bead of sweat

Behind a linen blouse.

The once wed mother

Swallows a desert

The vile, grainy tears

That hold fast their parapets.


She is bankrupt

While he lies deep

Sound but without ventilation

In the monochrome spectrum

Of her scorpion heart.


That he should die first

That his vices should

Diminish her now

That he should steal

From their children

With debts not their own

Steadies her sentimental yearnings.


A drumbling man

A cactus whose love

Hath no measure

For to chance upon it

Brings only pain

She grits her teeth

And this too is mourning.


A very quick write.


Wordle #17 “Grudge”


I carry your grudge
As a locket
Attaching within
Linen portraits
Memories of armistice
When we lay aside
Our rivalries,
Our jealousies
Hours when we
Were more than
A weathered civility

But the gestures
Remain hollow
For you are not here
To observe
Their diligence
And I cannot acquit
Myself even in homage

A queer malady
This sentimentality
Sprouts up silver
Like numinous grains
That do not nourish
Just as ornaments
Do not truly
Define their seasons

I wish to recover
My composure
My knees which idle
As a vulture
Over dead things
But I want even more
Your mercy

This silence cannot
Be shattered
With a scream,
With fists,
Even a kiss
Could not steal
You from the grave