Wordle #183


Brenda Warren

A kiss fully enunciated

Will empty the lungs

But it is the heart

For which there is never hope

Enough to spare.

The doom of a great love

Can never be spared.

Pain is not intolerable,

We suffer in the name

Of all our causes and none

Quite so much as the right to live.

Pleasure takes courage,

To open oneself up to laughter,

To bare both secret and martyr

To a stranger, a fellow prisoner

In the membrane of a shadowed childhood.

Love takes the seer, however, apt or amiss

To a state not unlike insanity.

I shine, therefore, I am crazy.

One can neither underestimate

The tendency of diamonds towards blood

Nor the frailty of steel beneath magma.

One can never underestimate anything

As there is always a time and a place

For the unsuspecting victim to fall.


Wordle 200


Hopelessness keeps

One delicate and chained.

Suffer me in sympathy

I can endure the knife

But the noose leaves me

Turbulent and estranged.

However, tiny the pathogen

Dissemination is inevitable.

I lift the cherries from your tongue

The knots are unassailable

The clandestine pit

The fleshy medulla

Juices that rupture

Into my absences

A one man everything.

The uncut river rips

My heart from its perch

A canary thrust beak first

And wasting into the mines.

My fingers flex against the currents

Scalpels searing invisible flesh.

I hook transmutables

In the arch of my palms

Pushing and tumbling

Along a course that overtakes itself.

I fold over myself like petals

Burying a beloved stamen.

A time capsule untempered.

My lungs wrestle the tide

Like an umbrella hassled in tempest

There’s no escaping my post

My awkward humanity

You take me in, one gulp at a time.

I did 201 but I think I want to work on it some more (I should probably give these poems names). Is my blog behaving normally? Posts showing up everyday on Reader? Has WordPress been experiencing any problems? On another note I am working on my 2nd book and I am quite excited about it XD



Heeding Haiku With HA: Jack Kerouac


Cast off stilettos,

A star-crossed stumble

Through an open flame


Sunlight streams

Through the cracks

Of my slackening fist


A mirror, in revulsion, cracks

To whom should I address

My questions now?


I wanted to do more and may later but I am struggling to find my words at the moment. I am inspired to write and stuck at the same time, just too much competition in my head!