Week 5 Day 4

I got out an hour early from work today for the holidays. The factory will be closed from now to January 7th! Too bad my other job never closes save for red days. I also received a gift of 2 movie passes from the company where I work which my daughter is thrilled about.


I am doing well over all. I would say there isn’t really any pain but I still know about it if that makes sense. I guess you might call it irritation. I still have a swollen, hard stomach. The cold, wet, dark weather has not been without effect. I don’t feel as motivated to go out for walks. I plan to walk inside today a little each hour to ensure I reach my 10, 000 steps. During vacation I will be able to get out earlier in the day for walks and I might be able to convince Sam or Isadora to go with me. I still haven’t quite worked out what format I want to use next week for workouts. Right now when I have a session I mix arms, legs, abs, back but I am thinking about doing it arms and back, legs and abs which is more like what I usually do. We shall see.


Prompt 37 Unavoidable Pain

unavoidableThis week’s prompt is one of a series I have planned but no worries I will not be asking you to produce a cohesive story/novel utilizing the prompts. If, however, you would like to use the prompts to create a story please feel free to do so. There will be 20 prompts in this series (including this one). As always I accept all forms of self-expression (photographs, stories, poetry, artwork, videos, music etc.). There is no length restriction on your entries and no need to censor on my account (provide warnings at your own discretion).


Some examples of unavoidable pain which you are absolutely free to use

Taking up exercise

Medical procedures


Rescue efforts (ever hurled yourself in the path of a moving object to save someone?)

Job interviews

Raising children

Finding love

Pursuing dreams

Day 4 Music Challenge “A song that you exercise to”


As I have mentioned I exercise A LOT! I really don’t listen to music when exercising unless I am dancing or running on a treadmill (which is horrifically boring without music). I don’t actually enjoy running so I need the music to be distracting. Jeff Martin (the lead of The Tea Party) has one of those amazing voices you rarely encounter. He has perfect pitch and a nice deep voice so if you haven’t heard him sing give the video a listen.

Blog Challenge 23 Dreams


For starters I want to continue writing and to pursue it on a more professional level. I never cared one way or the other about publication so I never tried submitting my work to contests or publishing houses. I am still not interested in contests but I do think I would like to say I have written a book. I want an actual paper copy book not just an E-book (there is nothing comparable to the feel of the genuine article). Ideally I would be published by a publishing house but from what I have read poetry is not exactly in demand. In fact many of the publishing houses I researched do not even accept poetry. I have no marketing sense whatever and can’t imagine my self-published book selling more than the copy I would buy lol Which is why I have held out, more research to be done!

My other dream is to start The Brothel of Slaking Intellectual Lusts, a place that caters to cerebral pleasures. In my mind there would be (Counseling/Psychology, Meditation Classes, Debate, Games, Dream Analysis, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Sex Therapy, Philosophical Discussions and Lectures, Exercise Classes (like yoga and Tai Chi something with a bit more cerebral/spiritual underpinnings), a beautiful none technology enhanced space for people to hang out and talk, Poetry Readings or Journal Sharing, Improvisational or Acting Classes, Clubs, and Friendship Groups and whatever else I think of lol I want this to be a space where people go to relate to each other person, so no cellphones and no computers!!! Running this beast is beyond me but this is a dream. Actually I just want this to exist so I can go there lol

Day 11 Blog Challenge: 15 Things You Love

Candice and Sam

Falling asleep in Sam’s arms
Isadora’s laughter
Eating candy and watching anime with the hubster at the end of the day
Sushi (right now I am crazy about the Boston Roll)
Trees I love taking walks, just being near nature really lifts my moods
Writing poetry in the early morning when its quiet (this is so rare but so precious)
Ben and Jerry’s icecream haha
Eating Sam’s home-cooked meals, he is really an incredible cook
Dancing like mad with Isadora
Crawling into a comfy bed when I am really tired
Trying out a new workout video
Eating fruit that I have picked (my in-laws grow some fruit at their summerhouse)
Reading something brilliant that moves me
Planescape Torment not just the game but the philosophies, the world, the characters everything
Buying clothes for Isadora (its just more fun to shop for her than myself she’s so cute lol)


(old picture of me and Sam for our 20s)