2 Poems (Gift, Speechless)


I lie face down

When weeping

Your redolence

Cushions gravity


I am aware

Of a certain irony

I, who, never cease

In monologue

Am rendered indistinct

On inquiry


I prefer the honesty

Of your breath

As it passes quicksilver

Into the night

The truest compliment

Lie in proximity

You are here

You are accessible

That is itself a gift


Hello World!


This blog was created with the express purpose of sharing and collecting my writings. Primarily it is a selfish endeavor since I write for myself and have never written professionally. I do not pretend that I am a gifted writer but it’s not what I create so much as the act of creating. I love writing simply. Through my work I wish to convey emotion, to stir, and move the spirit. I love words the sound of them and their meaning whether those literal or distorted by my own perceptions. I believe in the power of words to move, to inflame, to enrage, to undue, and to bind. So in my works each word is chosen deliberately, each word adored. There is no correct or incorrect translation, often my poems have multiple meanings since I like to use a word in its entirety I sometimes tell many stories simultaneously. The meaning you derive is what is important and I would be very interested to hear your interpretations. I will note in closing that I have dyslexia so feel free to point out any errors of that nature as spell check and proofreading can do but so much.