I wake to find you
closing around me
like a cocoon.
I want to hide myself
in your indentations,
in the heat of your skin,
in the gentle-hunger
of your for-me-only smile.

Tangled and tethered
I just want to exist
in the same breath as you.
We only have a moment
before sleep intrudes
but a moment is all it takes
to fall in love with you again.




Sharon McCutcheon

I had a dream about you last night

in which I felt your presence

wring the air from my lungs

like wet laundry.

Your smile was so tight

that it split my heart

right down the middle.


I tumbled backwards onto the bed

and you fell upon me like a wave,

invisible, implacable, inchoate.

I called your name and received no answer,

but you were definitely there.


I felt as if I had touched

something forbidden inside of you,

as if your name had unleashed

something forbidden inside of me.

Against me you lie shut as a door

and I opened again and again

just to hear the creak in your bones.


I find your eyes rise into being

at the strangest times

and in each instance

another piece of my soul

is taken hostage.

If I keep breathing your air

I will forget how to breathe on my own.


When it comes to you

I don’t know what to do with myself.

2 Short Poems (Capacity/Terminal Velocity)



My alveolate tongue has reached capacity

What remains of my heart cannot be quoted

Because it has not yet been understood

Terminal Velocity 

Fear has cast all logic astray

I sit thread-less with sewn fingers

Contemplating my terminal in life

Will I take the black train

With the single illumined window?

Or will I take the red one

Screeching to a vainglorious halt?


When I was in high school I had a dream. The dream began brilliantly I was soaring through the clouds free and unencumbered. I saw a flashing light and found myself unable to focus on anything else. I fell from the sky faster and faster. I noticed beneath me was a train station or rather a single platform in the middle of a landscape that did not exist. The scene was black and white (well mostly grey) except a single yellow window in a speeding black train. The light drew me and I kept moving toward that flash and then I woke up suddenly outside my body. When I reentered my body I had a very violent fit. It felt like that lit window was death but even though I struggled vehemently against it the whole time I was dreaming I was being summoned toward it at a horrifying speed. So the black train in the poem is reference to the dream. I have probably told you this dream before somewhere but maybe not everyone has read it. I feel I am not the only one who has had this dream.



Naldz Graphics

If only I could live in the consent

Of your exhale extending

Endlessly into confined space


Sorry for the short quick poems lately I have been very busy


Angels of the Prosaic

Buddhist Temple's Bird Cage, 1940 Gelatin silver printKansuke Yamamoto

My heart whittles away all intermediary

None who enter shall ever replicate her song

In the absence of data there is always instinct

That I exist is the only catalyst essential to expression


I dream of brush-fires and lightening

Of incidentals and incendiaries

I am intolerant of dysfunction

When it overtakes my composition

To be an alien in the the desert

Is exceptional only in the clarity

Of a well-articulated obligation

Better to be the only Venusian

In a fountain of supple dreams


All these delusions

These unsolicited truths

Shed on gestation

They are mine to gather

Who else exists that can

Define precisely their shape?


I exist in the minutiae

In the dalliances

Of stones and silhouettes

The muse’s pock-marked face

Composed in odyssey

I am not afraid of demons

Only of men who speak falsely


Were I without hope

I’d cease scavenging

Were I without gratitude

My pen would halt

Its recursive sonnet


I am an optimist canvassing

Hell for a paradise lost

A misfit who sees angels

In the veils of the prosaic


My non appointment appointment took an unexpectedly long time. Though there was a scheduling error and they sent me home as soon as I arrived I spent a weird amount of time trying to get home again. I didn’t have much time to write and I now have the pressure of knowing the appointment isn’t even over yet!


8289038209_e2343a19fe_zMy bones are beautiful where they rest

In the crux of your loving disposition


There is wonder in romance,

In the capacity of a soul

That had seemed too savage

For reprieve


Poetry is composed

As a human heart

Wild but reticent

I divide continents

And constituents

Into chambers for both

Conquest and exaltation


There’s nothing as decadent as introspection

The dimensions I’ve seen overtake the stars

In both eradicative and incendiary capacity


This is a hint for the prompt


IMG_8731-rt-HPLara Solomon

I want to surrender

At the behest of your eyes

To feel your unvoiced tongue

Tuning my tremulous limbs

Like a marionette pre-flight


I want to feel your cadence

Permeating every fragment of

My cardiac infrastructure

As uncompromising

As chemical dependence


You whom I hold in proximity

Only to the sun, a scion of light

In trespass of my exhalation

I want to falter under

Your counterfeit gravity

Impervious save for lust


I am hard at work on my book now so I am a little preoccupied but I will do my utmost to continue to bring you poems daily!

Stand up

andyvanoverberghe_circlesofquanta7_thecycle_by_andyvanoverberghe-d6nmja0She is a call to heaven

The darkness around which

Stars are posthumously hung


My clay feet know

Both earth and sea

But the sky aspires

Higher and higher

With every extension


With my vertebrae

Horizontally stacked

I could go on forever

For a circle ends

Exactly as it begins

But if vertical,

I will undoubtedly fall

(I stand up

In spite of fear)


I carry you in silence

For it is through silence

That melody is relayed


My pulse struggles

Under the pressure

Of our overlapping breaths

Together we are imperishable

For no wrath exists

That can dissolve regard



I have no resolve

In which to nurture resolutions

Only a starving sense of emergency

That I must not, as always, be overcome


I dream but never find within

A consequent sensibility

Both mind and limb abandon

Whenever I am in need


I have ambitions but to express

Them in the absence of success

Seems somehow disingenuous

I crave precision and expertise

A sleep which only proceeds

Indefatigable effort


I have decided to make lists

With manageable procedures

To advance in ant-like fashion

Mandibles clenched, antenna honed

To the knock of my indomitable pulse


In the past I have always been extraordinarily ambitious (delusional?) in my resolutions. No matter what I may have replied on inquiry, in my mind I was going to achieve some impossible feat of self-reconstruction. Self-improvement always meant tearing down the current constructs whatever the cost to my self-esteem/mental health. I want to do everything all at once, to become everything all at once. So this year it’s all about breaking things down into simple achievable goals. I wrote more about this in my journal


fortressBetween metal planes

My savage heart wallows

I exhale and compress


Oblate and isolated

This is what it means

To wear armor


There is no freedom

In chain links

Only dissuasion

There is no freedom

In voyeurism

In impotent dreams

That rely on conditionals


If is exponential

Wait too long

And you too shall pass