Dream Interpretation #4 “Flying”

Photo by Bogdan Carmaciu on Unsplash

The ground falls away

and I am thrown into a world

where form and movement

are interchangeable.

I am born.

Made whole.

Disassembled and reformed

thousands of times a second.

No one ever speaks

of death in terms

of animation

but now you know

that death surges

with the same creative impulse

as life.

The wind cradles and cajoles

what once was my body

and what has become

in passing a mere impression.

In this place

which is neither here nor there

emotions are like birds

drifting over

the still, bloodless surfaces

of the mind.

Below, under the trespass of gravity,

emotions are like stitches,

crooked and intractable.

I can smell the clouds

like strips of canvas.

They are the suggestion of a kiss,

the humid breath,

a body held aloft

by a single heartbeat,

a touch that is

all presence and no pretense,

a touch so light

it passes from one body

to the other.

There is nothing for my hands to hold.

I am swimming and drowning

in a sea without traction or gravity.

I am a radiance,

a boat of folded newspaper,

a desiccated leaf turning circles mid-air.

I dance across a shapeless void

feeling deep and incomprehensible feelings.

My only thought bares repeating

I am free. I am free. I am free.


Wordle #280 and Dream Interpretation #3 “Unfinished Songs”

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Photo by Jamakassi on Unsplash

A cluster of butterflies

should be called a jest

because of the way

they tumble through the air.

We were wild once,

our gardens ripe

with forbidden fruit,

our words falling

carelessly into space.

There is no cure

for love

only a slow

amelioration of guilt.

The heart

which exists

within and without

is turned

so that the nerve endings

are totally exposed.

My blood is sludge,

it pools and gathers

in the spaces

that you once occupied.

When I close my eyes

I am vivid

with your memory,

vivid with the taste

of my tears.

Tears that run both

hot and cold.

Tears which beat

against my cheeks,

gentle as pixie wings.

If I were diaphanous

I would accompany you

to the dark places

and the bright places

simply to be at your side.

In a universe

where time does not

move in a linear fashion

forever is an unbreakable promise.

A day eating sundaes in the park

could be eternal

or it could be two shadows

devolving in the light

of a new day.

I am inside out.



with my memories

both good and bad.

I am not sick

so much as fallen.

God may not love me

any less

but you do

and that hurts

more than enough.

To you I am the enemy,

the interloper.

I know too much.

I understand nothing.

We lost each other

in a simple game

of hide and seek.

There are scars

where the stars

should be.


of indifference.


without fire.


like small bones

which crack

when tested.

To me you are life itself.

I miss you

sounds trite

because you

were and always will be


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