Wordle #48 “Insecure”

Wordle 48 Feb. 16

Alliances rarely survive shifts in altitude.
If I succeed in the culmination of our vision
Then there is sure to be a crevice
Sufficient to justify your failings.


For every plunge I was there,
The chime of reason
A bridge to vanquish insurmountable odds
Perhaps I helped too much,
A leather whip may have served
A more compassionate cue.


Once I straddled your heart,
Its only willing occupant.
I allowed for the mastication
Of my grievances, swallowing all doubt
That you might not combust under critique.
My belief, the sort that only,
A hallucination could induce.


I never left though you look for me
As one who has lost everything.
I never left and still you trundle
Futile, in your paranoid renderings
Perhaps my love is too discreet
To account for your insecurities.


I am looking at my tendency to make excuses, the strange and inevitable rifts in identity that occur in mental illness. The seeming loss of innocence. the disconnect from reality, the raging insecurities. I am not completely satisfied with this one I think it is the flow or wording.


On another note it looks like I was given the wrong form *pulls out hair*

Submission for


Flowers of Strife


Fear is an anvil

That fashions

Of vulnerability a carapace

In these fierce designs

Anger festers as contempt

With oil slicks

Of cancerous blood


Obscured by darkness

My vision

Can see only deception

A future cast

In the decapitated shadows

Of regret

I ache before

I can be undone

In your malicious hands


These brimstone kisses

Flowers of the forge

Scalding on assembly

These relics of affection

Backhanded rage

Screaming on delivery


All our memories

Have become malignant.

In each other’s eyes

We are cruel

Capable of any atrocity

And what we accuse

Is far more vicious

Than any placement

Of furrowed hands