leonora-carrington-terra-papers-36Leonora Carrington

I do not wish to be your consort

Your protege, your unisex servant

I do not want to stand demure behind, beneath.

In all enticement a blackguard holds

Hostage the bastion of your heart

That I shall never know your face

As it appears before waking

Only the able smiles applied forthwith




Photo Challenge #1 Bad Connection


The silentious migration of our hearts

Conversations abate but do not dissolve

The imposition of volitional space

Wherever our lips meet there is a war

Intentions coiled like a noose

Promises of reunion and civility

Occasions that never present

Occasions that pass forgotten until

Inquiry reaps a deadening excuse

Say Hello


I stand here fractured

From womb to sternum

Whilst you sheath your hands

Inside chagrined pockets

We never touch on departure

So I say to you hello instead


I am a well. I runneth deep,

Open-mouthed, and thirsty

I watch you pass above

Grey-hued and capricious

Fill me with your bones

With the calcified lightening

Of your heavenly intentions

Leave me not the relic

Of an exiled civilization

Leave me not to wonder

At the quantity of your love

Say to me now, as always, hello