Wordle #130 “November 21st, 2016”

Week 130.png

Within each heart a rathskeller,
a chamber tethered between
the spontaneous and the habitual.
End to end, our antipodes tremble.

You are a stack of letters
rubbed to cinder
beneath coils of fire.
I am a television, a ransom note
scrawled in carnations.

You gather my freckles
underneath your fingertips.
I stroke your conclusions
and restructure the flow.
We open, two margins
pulled together by need.

I remain innocuous
despite years of acedia.
You force me close,
we exchange elixirs and enigmas.
(I am in love with you nuance.)

You are striking,
a four-cornered god
encasing my orgasma.
You infuse, I devour.


Wordle #249


My eggs yearn to be joined with you,
the tapestry of my skin woven
with your boundless fire.

Peel away your light,
your, grace, your dignity
tear my shadows like silk.

Let the moments run
each into the other,
into the cells and chasms
of any and always.

Let me drink from your heart
as a communion,
let me know and let me break
all the walls inside of you.


In bed buried underneath

Your kinetic architecture

I feel our distinctions dissolve.

Your pulse, a baptism

For which I nightly undress,

How can a virgin be pure

Having never known

A love like this?


Wherever the heart exists

There is art.

I ply my trade in your flesh,

A magician of sorts.

Your bones whine

As cumbersome pipes.

There is a universe

Within each of us

A constellation of mirrors,

Your eyes abduct

As much as they reveal.


You are the aether within

My beckoning crux.

I will swallow you whole,

I will thread my contagion

Into your libido,

I will recite the sublimations

Of your eternal limerance.

Nothing synthetic parallels

The heat of a genuine fire.

Prompt #62 and Wordle #16



Ever taciturn,

Her lips denounce

The possibility between us

How capricious the light

In the presence of smoke

But the fire remains

Desperately auspicious


Her breath speaks of purity

And smells of exclusion

A subtle artifice her voice

Has no place in this world

Even less in my heart

Yet there it remains

A song intimated

But noiseless


She inhabits me

As a scofflaw

Furtive and castigating

She occupies me as resin

The very substance

Of a ravishing frisson

I know that we are destined

No matter how circuitous

The engagement


On Wednesday early in the morning I am leaving for Göteborg. We are going to visit Liseberg (it’s an amusement park). I will be back late Friday. I will not have internet access so I won’t be posting during that time and possibly not on Saturday either. I will miss you guys!



How did you enter?

Was it your syllables

Spilling between

My reciprocating hands?


Was it the first glance

The copious black

Of my smitten soul

Unwrapping your design?


Was it in the collapse of our lips

Or the mutation of our limbs?


Was it the divesting of muses

Born in equal measure

Astonishment and horror?


How is it that I resided

In your absence?

For living had not yet began

“Hello Love”

I know without knowing

That we are intended


It’s not the scars

That make me human

It’s the ability to persist

Despite crippling pain

And it’s to you I owe

Life ever since



I clutch the intimation

Of your smile between my teeth

The final bastion crumbling


Words are bitter

The discarded rinds

Of a titivated heart


Let’s not speak

As if strangers

Let’s kiss and collapse

As if every moment

Were indelible


My soul flits

Between spine and navel

A dissident moth

Hunting euphoria

In darkness


I want to burn with you

Like an exposed wound

Jagged and irrefutable

My name deepening

With every exhale

A mantra carved

In flesh and sinew


timthumb.phpArt By: Ines Honfi

You drifted into my heart

Like a secret

Like the rain sobbing softly

On an otherwise vacant day

I would never knowingly

Refute love but then again

How was I to perceive

Your intrusion

When advancement

So oft signifies war?



I held you


Between the furrows

Of disdainfully drawn brows

You held

Against your lips,

The pale veins,

Of a reticent fist

My heart rose

Red and indignant

Yours like the sudden growl

Of advancing thunder


Against the dissuasion

Of retreating hips

You managed still

To swallow, consummately,

My breath

In every moment since

I have adorned you,

In every drop of blood,

In every cell,

In every cloud

Above which dreams

Are childishly kept

Eat Sleep Breathe


The smell of rain

Precedes you

To own my persuasion

Would be to shelter defeat

I cannot abide you

Knowing the pulse

That stirs your heart

Pauses for no one


Password protected,

My smile, undulates

Every time you enter

The room

Please don’t perceive me

Haunting you

Leave me

To these

Illicit impressions

My lips against

Your possibility





Always impoverish

My advance

Without you

I lose the will

To surface

Each morning


My avoidant frown


Amputates conversation

I won’t let you in

And as long as the sun

Goes on rising

I’ll carry you


On tip of my tongue


But never



My poem Apostate was published here



yggdrasil 2

I want to hunt inside of you

To lick the virgin flesh of

Your involuntary muscles

To taste those scars which

Compose your injured beauty


I want to feel the rhytym of

Your mind states, the delirious

Pulse of your luminous flirtations

To know those secrets to which

Only the soul is acquainted


I want to strip your architecture

To roll in the dirt of your heathen

Foundation, to grow inside of those

Blood-letting aqueducts like a root

I want to be your Yggdrasil