Wordle Special Addition Contranym “September 5th, 2016”

Contranym Wordle

Your weathered heart simpers,
as we weather another mute refrain.
I will not refrain from oversight
it is my right to ignore
the obvious and obligatory.

My scars are browning nicely,
like molested gardenias.
I have heard this refrain before,
these apologies tempered by anger.
You will not temper me
with beautiful words.

In my diary I’ve a coffin
modeled to accommodate
your premise dimensions.
You are the sanguine model
of good intentions.

Must you follow me everywhere
oh great and terrible overseer?
Am I not transparent?
A discursive shriek ravels my insides
and I cannot unstick myself.
Nothing is transparent
not even at the quantum level.

Must you be so sanguine,
so facetious, must you taste
what you cannot decipher?
Must you be the quantum,
the custom, the bare-faced essential?

I left you once
but I could not leave you entirely.
There is always a remainder,
a bit of affection left to wallow.

Only you can ravel me
your discursive flights
a trespass, a secret custom-made,
an enigma that eats of the beholder.

I forgot to say in the previous post. We had enough left over wood to replace the linoleum in the closet there at the end of the hallway as well. This Wordle was tricky!!!