If only I were extraordinary,
evident, a force of nature,
unlike anyone
you had ever witnessed
then you might face me
limbs askew,
heart split into a grin,
margins broadening
beneath the combined weight
of our souls in perfect alignment.

Did not have the chance to finish anything tonight alas!




If my words were transparent
would you look through them
and find my heart beating
behind them like a moth?
I have no feathers with which to gesture
only fingers singed with an excess
of atmosphere and expectancy.

If I knew how to cross from one
constellation to the next
would I find between us
a habitable moon
or would I find only the detritus
of my own intractable percussion?
I gather my hands, my lawless grin,
my extraneous attempts at conversation
and slide back into the ether.

When I dream you are always near.


Irridiscent Flowers

One by one my thoughts

interlace with your fetish.

I find hints of you in everything,

a disembodied smile,

an abbreviated sentence

whispered from the inside out,

a sense of connection

abstract enough to deify

and yet too imprecise to define.


I pass my nights in fitful dreams

and my days wondering

what it means to leave a lasting impression.

How it is that you can be both

integral and inaccessible at the same time?

I want to welcome you into my life,

to tuck you into my heart like a battle cry.

In other words I want to feel you,

all of you, in every part of me.

Wordle #237


Pieces of you cross into me

as if my heart were a ramp.

We are a perfect match,

hypothetically speaking

but reality is much less patient.

The drone of your mighty phallus

chop, chop, chop silences

my obsessional refrains.

I believe only in the things

I can feel, what I see invariably ceases.

Seeing is finite, unreliable

only the soul can comprehend universals.

Only the stars can reunite my subsidiaries.

Your willing, efficacious fires

hike up my skirt, lick my intimacies

free all my puritanical misgivings.

The bucking of your hips,

of your maniacal grin stuffing itself

with clouds and beastly man-made apothegms.

You have a law for every occasion,

I watch you splitting silk

with infectious approval.

I want to taste the bay as it congeals

like a clot, fissures bated and gorged.



Karol Bak Malarstwo

Can we claim humanity

Having been sired in deficit?


As always I arrive unsatisfactorily

Below the meniscus

Of your overturned smile


Why is it that our moods

Occupy the same rotation?

Two parts misery, one part disease

You are ugliest when you sleep

When the succubus slits

The cicatrix of your self-effacing armor


There is a reason

That creation and annihilation

Are synonymous terms

A reason that you occupy

Every exposed aperture

And I every chambered nuance

A reason too cohesive

For our primitive tongues

To articulate


This has nothing to do with the above poem but I was out all day watching a performance by the fire department with Isadora. As an adult and a short one besides I got to stand rigidly strait staring at the back of people’s heads frozen to the bone. My body just hurts from being trapped in the upright mummy position for hours (maybe not hours exactly :-P). After the show she got to look inside fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances and what not. I was standing near the speaker too but she’s happy lol