Wordle #89

Week 89

One by one they surrender

the idle, the pretentious, the threadbare.

The nebulous pivot, warm in alliteration,

hands cascade over curves twice their volume.

A velvet crushed frock draped

in your heartbeats bolts across the floor.

We are young, naive as such, willing to spare.

I drink the ethanol from your lips,

your eyes pollen-hazed. And we dance

tripping on fascination, two Ateliers

locked in armistice. You”ll never outdo me

my soul is vociferous and psychedelic.

I glimpse you spilling wine into the washbasin

squeamish silks a fracture of misaligned palates.

You’re mad, mind-fucked by the divine,

I love you in all the ways that stigmatize.

We are still painting. We had the idea to paint and stencil a pattern, that takes a long time haha. This week I am truly slammed aside from the painting/clean up. I have several meetings, a fund-raising event for Isadora’s school plus Lucia. I have so many pinched nerves right now! Left wrist, right shoulder, right hip. I have a brace for my wrist which works wonders but the other stuff I am just going to have to wait it out and try to relax. I attempted to write something for you today. Please forgive me for the lack of comments this week and the slowness.


Prompt 45 Festering Jealousy


By: Sammy Slabbinck

Jealousy isn’t an emotion we like to discuss much less acknowledge but most of us have experienced it. We’ve been subjected to the jealousy of others and we’ve experienced the painful insecurities that engender it.

I don’t have siblings of my own but I was a little competitive with my closest cousins for some siblings rivalry can take a very dramatic/tragic turn. I had a friend who felt so inferior to her older sister that it destroyed her from the inside.

There is romantic jealousy sometimes based on actual events/behaviors sometimes completely irrational

Friends can experience jealousy and in adolescence competition over sexual and romantic interests is common.

Sometimes people idolize or obsess over a celebrity, authority, or popular person

Pageants and other types of competitions or sports are also something to consider

For this prompt feel free to write a fictional piece that way you can really exaggerate the experience

Senryu Assorted



My expectant hands

Cannot absolve the trespass

Of your absence



Bellicose in loss

You animate my language

With your savage frown



My ribs crack open

Entrails invading the den

Of an unstrung heart



I fear stagnation

The compression of regrets

Into despotic whims



My heart is tender

A delicacy suited

To anomalous tastes



Your eyes seek the stars

Despite burden, endeavor

Doggedly to dream



Truth is a phantom

Interred within the chambers

Of a nascent heart


Does anyone know of a good free word program? I am using Open Office and it is worse than wordpress about messing with the formatting.