In my closet
the most curious flowers bloom
between the skeletons I harbor
and the clothes I hide inside.
A garden screaming,
a garden of metaphorical bones
and multifarious threads
woven together in an attempt
to connect the internal and the external
in a way that only I can truly appreciate.

Some days I wear the sunset,
others the twilight.
The stars are irrelevant,
The stars I keep inside
are the only stars that can ignite me.
There was a time
when I dressed for other people
now I dress only to please myself.
My skin is the only skin that fits.

A smile is the most beautiful accoutrement.
A smile looks best when it has found
someone or something to regard.
My smile would work wonders
for your mood if only you’d let me
press against you.

Sometimes I look into my wardrobe
and find it as light and bare
as an untenanted womb.
I think nothing suits me
quite so well as a naked heart.
Sometimes I open the doors
and I am overcome with choices.
Sometimes I know exactly what I want
and who I am and the world
doesn’t seem quite so heavy.

If I could wear a phenomena
I would wear the wind
for the wind, even in stillness,
always seems so alive.
I think that beauty
is in our capacity
to love and create.
I think that beauty
can only be found
in the audacity of truth
and in the ingenuity
of our imperfections
when harnessed for good.


Photos Yoga Room

First let me apologize for the quality. I think my daughter dropped our camera because certain things are not functioning. Also it is winter which means it is either dark or the sun is directly at eye level and I am not a photographer so I have no idea how to compensate between total blackness and blinding whiteness.

The first one is the window (blinding sun) Sam ordered a shit ton of scarfs and I used them to make the treatment. I can’t sew at all not even basics so they are just tied lol
In the next shot you see the wallpaper, the cork flooring, and my shrine which is currently on a table but I am hoping for a shelf to add more room
This is the light but that is pretty hard to see so here is the website image. I can’t have hangy lights in my exercise room they will just be in way
Then lastly we have so many scarfs I made another window treatment for a smaller window



I adhere dreams as stars to the blackened

Chambers of any heart that has ever

Tried, through incrimination, to possess

Me. Under chloroform skies I sleep in

A world where the colors are still mine

To embellish, in a world that neither

Defers to extrinsic authorities nor

Condemns my Bohemian nature


Finally I wrote! Writer’s block or maybe confidence block not sure which

Submission for

Poet’s United