Day 13 Music Challenge “A Song For Rebellion”

MusicChallengeI am going to be a little deviant here on my own challenge even lol I was a reasonably well-behaved teenager I had good grades I didn’t drink, smoke, do drugs, party, date, sneak out, commit crimes, get into fights or really anything. My parents didn’t even have a problem with the music I listened too or the clothes I wore. My mom didn’t even care that I wasn’t the same religion as the rest of the family or that I was a vegetarian when no one in my Southern family even understand the precise meaning of “vegetarian”. This doesn’t mean I got on with my mom flawlessly we are both stubborn and we definitely got on each other’s nerves but rarely about anything typical. I wasn’t typical at all I was weird and withdrawn. My rebellion took place mostly in my journals and my poetry. When I was reading poetry by Arthur Rimbaud I felt rebellious, free, primitive, alive an so on this challenge I decided to post a song and a poem by the great Arthur Rimbaud. The song is arbitrary to tell you the truth, though Iggy Pop is a rebel. My mom did not disapprove of my reading choices either, hell my mom didn’t care if I was watching porn on television (I know because she rented me Body of Evidence as I had liked Madonna as a child why she thought I would like her in an X-rated movie with S&M I will never know lol). My mom isn’t very strict which I think is fairly obvious but I also wasn’t untrustworthy.

“As I was floating down unconcerned Rivers
I no longer felt myself steered by the haulers:
Gaudy Redskins had taken them for targets
Nailing them naked to coloured stakes.

I cared nothing for all my crews,
Carrying Flemish wheat or English cottons.
When, along with my haulers those uproars were done with
The Rivers let me sail downstream where I pleased.

Into the ferocious tide-rips
Last winter, more absorbed than the minds of children,
I ran! And the unmoored Peninsulas
Never endured more triumphant clamourings

The storm made bliss of my sea-borne awakenings.
Lighter than a cork, I danced on the waves
Which men call eternal rollers of victims,
For ten nights, without once missing the foolish eye of the harbor lights!

Sweeter than the flesh of sour apples to children,
The green water penetrated my pinewood hull
And washed me clean of the bluish wine-stains and the splashes of vomit,
Carrying away both rudder and anchor.

And from that time on I bathed in the Poem
Of the Sea, star-infused and churned into milk,
Devouring the green azures; where, entranced in pallid flotsam,
A dreaming drowned man sometimes goes down;

Where, suddenly dyeing the bluenesses, deliriums
And slow rhythms under the gleams of the daylight,
Stronger than alcohol, vaster than music
Ferment the bitter rednesses of love!

I have come to know the skies splitting with lightnings, and the waterspouts
And the breakers and currents; I know the evening,
And Dawn rising up like a flock of doves,
And sometimes I have seen what men have imagined they saw!

I have seen the low-hanging sun speckled with mystic horrors.
Lighting up long violet coagulations,
Like the performers in very-antique dramas
Waves rolling back into the distances their shiverings of venetian blinds!

I have dreamed of the green night of the dazzled snows
The kiss rising slowly to the eyes of the seas,
The circulation of undreamed-of saps,
And the yellow-blue awakenings of singing phosphorus!

I have followed, for whole months on end, the swells
Battering the reefs like hysterical herds of cows,
Never dreaming that the luminous feet of the Marys
Could force back the muzzles of snorting Oceans!

I have struck, do you realize, incredible Floridas
Where mingle with flowers the eyes of panthers
In human skins! Rainbows stretched like bridles
Under the seas’ horizon, to glaucous herds!

I have seen the enormous swamps seething, traps
Where a whole leviathan rots in the reeds!
Downfalls of waters in the midst of the calm
And distances cataracting down into abysses!

Glaciers, suns of silver, waves of pearl, skies of red-hot coals!
Hideous wrecks at the bottom of brown gulfs
Where the giant snakes devoured by vermin
Fall from the twisted trees with black odours!

I should have liked to show to children those dolphins
Of the blue wave, those golden, those singing fishes.
– Foam of flowers rocked my driftings
And at times ineffable winds would lend me wings.

Sometimes, a martyr weary of poles and zones,
The sea whose sobs sweetened my rollings
Lifted its shadow-flowers with their yellow sucking disks toward me
And I hung there like a kneeling woman…

Almost an island, tossing on my beaches the brawls
And droppings of pale-eyed, clamouring birds,
And I was scudding along when across my frayed cordage
Drowned men sank backwards into sleep!

But now I, a boat lost under the hair of coves,
Hurled by the hurricane into the birdless ether,
I, whose wreck, dead-drunk and sodden with water,
neither Monitor nor Hanse ships would have fished up;

Free, smoking, risen from violet fogs,
I who bored through the wall of the reddening sky
Which bears a sweetmeat good poets find delicious,
Lichens of sunlight [mixed] with azure snot,

Who ran, speckled with lunula of electricity,
A crazy plank, with black sea-horses for escort,
When Julys were crushing with cudgel blows
Skies of ultramarine into burning funnels;

I who trembled, to feel at fifty leagues’ distance
The groans of Behemoth’s rutting, and of the dense Maelstroms
Eternal spinner of blue immobilities
I long for Europe with it’s aged old parapets!

I have seen archipelagos of stars! and islands
Whose delirious skies are open to sailor:
– Do you sleep, are you exiled in those bottomless nights,
Million golden birds, O Life Force of the future? –

But, truly, I have wept too much! The Dawns are heartbreaking.
Every moon is atrocious and every sun bitter:
Sharp love has swollen me up with heady langours.
O let my keel split! O let me sink to the bottom!

If there is one water in Europe I want, it is the
Black cold pool where into the scented twilight
A child squatting full of sadness, launches
A boat as fragile as a butterfly in May.

I can no more, bathed in your langours, O waves,
Sail in the wake of the carriers of cottons,
Nor undergo the pride of the flags and pennants,
Nor pull past the horrible eyes of the hulks.”


Day 11 Music Challenge “Your Favorite Duet”


While I am not generally big of duets this one is a match made in heaven. I love both artists so maybe I started out with a bias but I have seen a lot of duets go awry even among talented performers but this, this totally works!


I have another one Björk and Thom Yorke, Thom way to go on nailing duets!

Day 10 Music Challenge “A song with exceptional lyrics”


I know I just posted two David Usher songs but this man is a phenomenal lyricist. While I like the lyrics of countless others artists part of the charm is in how the lyrics are performed with David I actually read his lyrics as I would a book of poetry. l I would love to write this beautifully

St Lawrence River

Smells on the air
See there it’s crushing the final impression
The stains on the paper
Where words fell like water
Unearth all the changes that never did matter
I think it’s beginning to freeze here

Caught in the rage and the fire of things
All the brightness that burns me
I’m fumbling through like a child in the dark
When the nakedness comes
I am shocked by the colour the glorious weight of your skin
Comes alive
And I never thought we’d make it back so soon
Might be nice
But I knew you’d be your own destroyer
Comes a time
And I always thought I’d make it up to you

Here please forgive me
Could we escape all the bitterness piled upon bitterness
Held in the face of the things that I don’t understand
Intellectualize over and over
This helplessness suits us
Funny how quiet has slipped to our corners
Worn all our edges away
You are watching breathing and baiting
Wanting and warming and cautiously waiting
For some simple signal to creep cross your conscience
Uncover redemption and oh did I mention
I carried you down to the St. Lawrence River
The banks running dirty the water’s beginning to freeze here
Solid by morning
And I’ll freeze here
Winter by morning

Comes a lie
And I never thought you’d get me back so soon
Might be nice
But it’s only if my own destroyer
Comes alive
And I always knew I’d make it up to you

I saw on your face such a curious grin
As I let go your hand
I was desperate to hold you again
But you’re sinking so deep in the water
Outsmarted myself and so easily gave up what I wanted
Solid by morning
What I wanted
Winter by morning

Comes alive
And I never thought you’d make it up so soon
Night be nice
But I always knew you’re my destroyer
Comes a time
And I always thought I’d make it up to you

Solid by morning
And I’ll freeze here
Winter by morning

Day 8 Music Challenge “A song that makes you want to dance”


As I have mentioned previously dancing is one of my favorite forms of exercise. I am not a good dancer, my coordination is not just bad its outright abnormal and forget about rhythm whatever that is lol I don’t even have two left feet, feet would be an improvement over whatever those bizarre protrusions are emanating from my super stiff ankles :-P. Generally when I dance I just let go, just give in to the inner crazy, forget about style and forget about sexiness (what an alien concept to me). I prefer silly, I like hearing Isadora laugh when I am being ridiculous it is my sneaky motherly way of getting in exercise for the both of us and a great way to spend quality time together. I dance to just about anything though in truth my normal musical choices aren’t very dance friendly. Sam introduced me to Electric Swing because he thought it would be fun and it’s enjoyable for Isadora as well. I don’t know any dances possibly the Hokey Pokey because it has built in instructions and maybe the running man because it was huge when I am a kid haha.

Day 4 Music Challenge “A song that you exercise to”


As I have mentioned I exercise A LOT! I really don’t listen to music when exercising unless I am dancing or running on a treadmill (which is horrifically boring without music). I don’t actually enjoy running so I need the music to be distracting. Jeff Martin (the lead of The Tea Party) has one of those amazing voices you rarely encounter. He has perfect pitch and a nice deep voice so if you haven’t heard him sing give the video a listen.

Day 3 Music Challenge “A song that describes your ideal mate”


This is one of those questions that leaves my mind spinning in ineffective neural cartwheels. I have been scouring the internet and my CD collection (yes I have one) for a song that suits me but it seems like a lost cause. I chose this song because it’s absurd and humor/silliness is such a big part of my relationship with Sam.

“No house to hide inside, Your house, your house, your house I will explore Your cold marble floors and secret doors, The fine lines of your architecture, And if you need me, I’ll come and see thee, and be your visitor, We’ll play kissy kissy and have a baby and figure out, What we live for” <—– Sam and I always sing along to this part

So what do I want since this probably didn’t provide a helpful answer
Intelligence (which this song didn’t imply haha) Sam is insanely smart with an intense love of learning. I have never met such an inquisitive human being, my 5 year old doesn’t ask as many questions haha. If you ask him a question, expect questions until you narrow it down real specific (this drives me nuts actually) and than bam an absolutely genius answer. He makes the world magical and he is one of those people whom you can ask the impossible of and he’ll figure out how to make it happen.

Speaking of which Sam is generous, he loves helping people. He bakes things and makes gifts and he doesn’t do favors with expectations for recompense.

We are not exactly like each other though in many ways we are opposite which I actually think is positive because then he challenges and excites me too. We do have similarities for some reason our decorative tastes are quite similar maybe because I don’t have particularly feminine tastes lol Deciding to have our daughter was easy, we both knew, deciding to have just one child was easy. We are different creatively but both creative, we are both romantic saps, we like similar but not all the same music and movies, we both eat too much candy lol He is very logical, I am more intuitive, he is very OCD I am more ODD that one is a tough one! Yet we need that stubbornness in fact weirdly I like stubbornness I know not many people wish for a stubborn mate but I do and if we both weren’t stubborn there is no way we would have survived the odds against us. He has this rebellious streak, but a very clever nonviolent diplomatic compassionate flavor rebellious streak that I adore. He treats people with respect but doesn’t kiss ass. He’s himself you know? That is the main thing.

Did I mention he is an amazing cook and obsessed with orgasms (not his but mine)

Day 2 Music Challenge “A song from your childhood”


There are a number of songs that stand out to me from my childhood, songs that I would sing along to from the radio, songs close to my heart, endorphin-rich songs that effect physically. I can get quite emotional when listening to music (I also cry during sad movies I am a sap). I feel emotional when I sing too but it never translates, I really do sound like a robot lol I chose this song because it was one I always looked forward to hearing, the kind of song that caused me to stand stock still in the middle of a Department store so I could enmesh myself totally irrespective of what was going on around me. Cyndi Lauper was big in the 80s and one of my favorite artists at that time. I was also a big Madonna fan and I really liked the song “Broken Wings” from Mr. Mister. Even though my music tastes have changed (in some respects darkened) I still have a place in my heart for the 80s!

Day 1 Music Challenge “A Song that describes you”


I gave this one tremendous thought but every song that came to mind the subject had a substance abuse problem to account for their crazy. I am just weird, not a junkie, diagnosable sure, but not a criminal. I chose this song in the end because I identify with the sense of not belonging, the sense of being off and thus ill-adapted in most normal social situations. When I look at others I see them as beautiful, unattainable and myself as an unwanted aberration. Like many people with critically low self-esteem I am always trying to make myself better, different, passably human.
Something you may not know about my is that I have Oppositional Defiant Disorder generally people associate this with delinquents but aside from Jaywalking (which I don’t fully understand) I am not a law-breaking kind of person. If anything I have a devastatingly strict sense of morals (for myself I don’t apply it to other people). I have never gotten scolded about the Jaywalking thing but I just assume I do it, as a kid I just thought it was illegal to walk at a diagonal lol Anyways ODD makes it very hard to belong because once I sense that I am fitting in, I find myself wanting to push boundaries and stake out on my own again. I love people but sometimes I think I would really just rather observe them and do my own thing. I won’t even pretend I am cool and call myself a lone wolf because I do get lonely and I do need love (to give and receive). I think I am just withdrawn, skittish like a dog that has been kicked too many times.
I am including this one too because I resonate with the Nightmare Hippie Girl if you take out the substance abuse and the promiscuity lol I am not beautiful but to those who love me I suppose I can be haha

Blog Challenge Day 31 Why do you blog?

31-day-challengeHere it the final day and I have stuck to it! I couldn’t be more proud haha I have another one planned that I made but its going to be a tough one. Now on to the answer, which I am sure you are dying to know 😛

I started blogging as a way to become more organized. When I write poetry it’s not uncommon for me to leave work unfinished or to never bother transferring a messy hand-written poem onto my computer where it can be properly edited and saved. I have lost a lot of work because I didn’t take the time to save and much of what is in my journals is virtually illegible. Even typing it does not always result in a finished or saved copy I can leave 30 plus windows up without saving and then lose everything in a sudden power outage or computer malfunction. I also find that when I switch to a new computer I almost never transfer my poetry to the new hard drive, it ends up on CDs that are easily lost or scratched beyond use. The wordpress site forces me to save and it also encourages me to edit and finish my poetry. When I first started I assumed no one would read my blog as I hadn’t told anyone about it but the threat that someone might was motivation to finish/edit a piece before submitting lol Not that long after I started posting Jingle left a comment inviting my to participate in a poetry share. I can’t remember but maybe she submitted the poem for me. I was unable to locate anything using the wordpress search and to be honest its absolutely useless as far as I am concerned but the poetry share sites allowed me to view the blogs of other poets which I really enjoyed. Since I still cannot understand how to search on wordpress and often have to use Google to search for information on wordpress its been a shear coincidence that I have located additional groups lol Actually when I came back from a long hiatus and found my old groups disbanded I was completely lost! After joining the groups and participating my little page started to get more traffic. I don’t have a lot of friends and of that small number none of them are interested in poetry particularly. Finding people who are interested in poetry has been amazing! I have met some really fantastic writers and people here. There are times when I post a poem of a very personal nature and I expect almost that people will say “What a freak” but instead people relate. I really have trouble finding people that relate to me in life and here there are so many people with whom I can relate!