I am a whale,

a sound from the other side,

an interstellar traveler

who has kissed the precipice

of an intermittent eternity.

I am all love,

the gaping, invertebrate silhouette,

the slowly blinking eye

of an inferior but congenial God.

Wherever my hands pass

there is a gathering.

I could fill libraries

with the irrefutable tragedies of man.

There are curiosities among us,

individuals so difficult to realize

that we rarely if ever

encounter them.

People like me exist

solely in the imagination.

I am all endoskeleton.

My exterior is

notoriously naive.

Sometimes I go around

imagining that I am

immune to everything

and sometimes

I simply succumb

to the intricacies

of certain constellations

of events.

I live in a pig’s ear

and bathe in droughts.

I am only lonely

on the inside.

It is as if I were a sieve

shifting detritus into powder.

There is little of me

by the end of the day

but even that

is more than enough

to encumber.

Breathing is the ultimate sexual act.

Letting the naked air fill you

with its life-granting transparencies.

I want to fit with you just so,

to feel you settling in on me

from all angles like a religion.

Yes, even I need

to breathe sometimes.

Photo Credit: Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Need to Breathe

  1. You are so good.

    I love these lines especially:

    “My exterior is
    notoriously naive.”

    “I am only lonely
    on the inside.”

    “There is little of me
    by the end of the day”

    “Breathing is the ultimate sexual act.”

  2. Since the title is also the name of a Christian band and the first line references (Jonah and) the whale, this could possibly be about the creature who does a life-changing swallowing to God’s messenger in Scripture.

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